Is Jamal Murray Married? Wedding Bells or Not?

Jamal Murray is not married, but he’s in a relationship with Harper Hempel, who used to play volleyball for the University of Kentucky.

They’ve been together for a while and are known for being really loving and respectful to each other. They both went to the University of Kentucky and were into sports there.

Even though there have been rumors of them breaking up at times, especially after a private video of them was leaked by hackers, they don’t talk much about their personal lives in the media. Jamal is more interested in talking about his career, and the same goes for Harper.

Is Jamal Murray Married?
Is Jamal Murray Married?

Is Jamal Murray Married?

No, Jamal Murray is not married. He is in a relationship with Harper Hempel, a former volleyball player, but they have not yet married.

Their relationship has been in the spotlight due to certain difficulties, but marriage is not currently on the table for them.

When it comes to his public life, Jamal prefers to keep his personal life quiet and focuses on his basketball career.


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Who is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend?

Jamal Murray’s girlfriend is Harper Hempel. She was born on August 30, 1997, in Kentucky. We don’t know much about her family, but her father is named Rich Hempel, and we don’t have information about her mother or any siblings she might have.

Harper is a private person and hasn’t shared details about her childhood or growing up. However, she seems to have had a comfortable upbringing. Her connection to an NBA star like Jamal has brought her into the spotlight.

She went to schools in Kentucky and later attended the University of Kentucky, where she earned a degree in Marketing and Digital Media from the Gatton School of Business. While in college, she played for the Kentucky Women’s volleyball team for about three years.

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After college, Harper used her degree to build a career in social media. She works as a photographer and social media manager. She’s quite popular on social media, especially for sharing her love of travel through pictures from around the world.

Despite her active presence on social media, she’s very private about her personal life, especially her relationship with Jamal.

Her interest in sports may come from her father, Rich Hempel, who’s involved in basketball, though not as a player. He’s the co-founder of eCoach, a company that provides top-notch sports instruction to NBA coaches online, reducing training costs for those who use their services.

When did Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel First Met?

Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray met in college. While at the University of Kentucky, Harper played volleyball and Jamal played basketball. Harper was a marketing and media student who also played volleyball for the Kentucky Women’s Volleyball team.

They began dating in college, despite the fact that Jamal left after a year to join the NBA. Jamal relocated to Denver to pursue his basketball career, while Harper remained in Kentucky to complete her studies.

Despite the distance, their love grew and they remained together. Harper has now graduated from college, and their love grows stronger by the day.

How Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel Overcame a Private Video Leak?

In March 2020, there was some trouble when Jamal’s Instagram account got hacked, and a private video of him and Harper got out to the public. This video became really popular, with lots of people downloading it and taking screenshots.

Jamal went on social media to say sorry to his fans and explained that his account had been hacked. Harper also put out a statement asking anyone with the video to delete it.

Surprisingly, their fans and supporters were very understanding during this tough situation. For many celebrities, leaking private videos can harm their relationships, but not for Jamal and Harper.

They’ve moved past that bad incident. Even though some people thought their relationship was over because of this, they’re still going strong. But both of them are really focused on doing their best in their careers.

They don’t talk much about each other in the media. If someone brings it up in an interview, Jamal avoids the topic. He’s very open about his career goals, but when it comes to his love life, he keeps it private.

Because of the video, both Jamal and Harper deleted their social media accounts, but they’ve come back online since then.

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