Is Jamie Campbell Married? Love Life Revealed!

Is Jamie Campbell Married? Fans and friends of the talented actor Jamie Campbell Bower have been very interested in this question. Since Jamie is known for giving engaging performances in movies and on TV, his personal life has been in the news a lot.

We’re going to look into the interesting world of Jamie Campbell Bower’s marriage status and try to find out the truth about his relationships, both past and present. While his acting parts have gotten him a lot of attention, many people are interested in his love life.

Come along with us as we try to figure out this charming actor’s love life and find out if he is really married or still looking for love.

Is Jamie Campbell Married?

Jamie Campbell Bower, the talented actor recognized for his appearances in many films and TV shows, is not married, according to the most recent information.

Jamie has not married despite being in the public glare and having been in multiple romances. While his personal life has piqued the interest of his fans and the media, there is no proof that he has taken the step of marrying. But he has a girlfriend, keep reading to know more.

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Who is Jamie Campbell Girlfriend?

Jamie Campbell Bower has a girlfriend named Jess Moloney. She’s not a celebrity but a creative agent who has been linked with Jamie for about 1.5 years. Jess is really good at her job and co-founded Ice Studios, which helps artists in London and New York.

On Instagram, Jess has more than 28,600 followers. She doesn’t share many personal pictures, mostly focusing on her work and the artists she supports through Ice Studios.

She seems to value her relationship with Jamie a lot, as seen in a recent picture from July 18, 2022, where they were together at a Saint Laurent event.

Who is Jamie Campbell Girlfriend?
Who is Jamie Campbell Girlfriend?

Jamie Campbell Past Relationship

Before Jamie started dating Jess, he had been in relationships with a few other famous women. One of them was Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

Jamie and Bonnie got close while working on the Harry Potter films, and they even attended an awards show together, which made people think they were dating. They officially said they were a couple in 2010 and got engaged in the following year.

Unfortunately, they broke off their engagement in 2012. After he broke up with Bonnie, Jamie began dating Lily Collins. They met while working on a movie called ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ in 2012.

They confirmed their relationship that year but broke up in 2013, right before their movie premiered. They briefly got back together in 2015 but ended things for good in early 2018. Now, Jamie is in a relationship with Jess, and she’s the one he’s in love with.

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