Is James Corden Gay? Is He Married?

James Corden is a popular British comedian who has won many awards for his work, like BAFTAs and Golden Globes. He’s best known for hosting “The Late Late Show” on TV, which is really popular and got renewed for another season.

Corden grew up in London and went to Bristol University. Then, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a waiter and started doing comedy.

He also was part of the cast of a show called “Saturday Night Live” from 2004 to 2009. After that, he acted in movies like “Begin Again” (2013), “One Chance” (2014), and “Rules Don’t Apply” (2015)

Is James Corden Gay?

James Corden, the well-known TV personality, faced rumors about his s*xuality in 2011 when he mentioned being gay in an interview with The Sun, a British newspaper. However, he never officially confirmed or denied his s*xual orientation.

In fact, he has even made jokes about it. Recently, a rumor surfaced when a Twitter user, @AndiLand, posted a picture of herself kissing another woman, captioned “I’m just saying.”

Some fans thought this might be related to James Corden. Yet, Andi Land later clarified that it had nothing to do with him, she was just poking fun at how people gossip about celebrities.

This isn’t the first time James Corden has been linked to rumors about his s*xuality. In 2011, a tabloid reported that he had told friends he was gay. In response, he tweeted that he’s always been open about his s*xuality and believed it wasn’t anyone else’s business.

In 2013, Corden mentioned that he had dated a man during an appearance on a talk show. He said, “I did date a guy for a while, but it didn’t work out. I’m happy being single.”

Since then, James Corden hasn’t discussed his s*xuality publicly. Unless Andi Land reveals more about his personal life, we won’t have a definite answer about his s*xual orientation.

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Is James Corden Married?

Yes, James Corden is married to Emma Thompson, an actress. They met while shooting on the film “Begin Again” in 2012. They dated for about a year before getting married in August 2015. But now, James Corden and Emma Thompson are not married anymore. They do not, however, have any children together.

James Corden’s Relationships

  • James Corden dated British actor Sam Claflin in 2008, but they broke up in 2010.
  • In 2011, he confirmed he was dating English comedian Julia Davis, but they split in 2012.
  • On November 13, 2013, Corden stated on Twitter that he’s straight and intended to keep saying that.
  • In March 2014, he told Elle magazine that he had a romantic relationship with another man. It was a long, non-exclusive friendship that had its ups and downs, but he found it interesting to explore.
  • On October 9, 2014, Corden announced on Twitter that he and Emma Thompson were back together. They got engaged on December 1, 2014, and married on August 30, 2015, in a private ceremony at her home in Oxfordshire. Their wedding reception was at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
  • They had a daughter named Beatrice Rose Corden on September 3, 2015. However, James Corden and Emma Thompson are now divorced.

James Corden’s Journey from Waiter to Hollywood Star

James Corden's Journey from Waiter to Hollywood Star
James Corden’s Journey from Waiter to Hollywood Star

James moved to Los Angeles after finishing university to pursue a career as an actor. He began working as a waiter at the restaurant L’Abattoir. He experimented with stand-up comedy while working there. His stand-up style included gags about his family and his upbringing in London.

He performed at numerous comedy clubs in Los Angeles and appeared on the second season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2005. He advanced to the final round, which was broadcast on May 7, 2005. He appeared in the film Love Actually the same year.

James auditioned for a position on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 2006 and was cast as a featured player. He quickly rose to prominence as one of SNL’s most popular cast members.

He co-starred in the 2009 film Bollywood Heroine with Priyanka Chopra. He proceeded to appear in films such as Hot Fuzz, A Little Bit Of Money, and One Day.

James Corden has also hosted the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Critics Choice Awards. He also co-hosted The Late Show With David Letterman for three seasons.

James Corden portrayed a fake version of himself on the sitcom Gavin & Stacey in 2010. In the sequel, Gav & Stacie: Meet the Parents, he repeated his role. On June 25, 2017, James Corden announced his departure from The Late Show, which he had hosted for more than ten years.

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