Tanqr Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Girlfriend & Youtube Journey

Tanqr became really popular on YouTube. He’s a famous YouTuber who plays video games and has over 398,000 people following his channel.

Tanqr, who’s from England, started making videos on YouTube in July 2015, and his first video was called “Roblox – Apocalypse Rising Montage – Untitled – TanqR.” Back then, he used the name TanqrPlays. In this article, we’ll talk about TanqR showing his face for the first time.

TanqR’s Real Face

TanqR is a YouTuber who hasn’t shown his real face online. He’s kept his appearance a secret, so nobody really knows what he looks like.

TanqR typically shares videos where you hear his voice while he plays games, and sometimes he does streaming sessions with a face-cam. That’s why a TanqR Face Reveal hasn’t happened yet.

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TanqR’s Face Reveal Video

In April, he surprised everyone by making a video titled “TanqR Face Reveal.” But here’s the twist – he didn’t actually reveal his face in the video, it was an April Fool’s joke!

However, TanqR mentioned that he left some clues about his face in the video, and it seems like viewers are still trying to spot those hints.

What is Tanqr’s Real Name?

Tanqr’s real name is Liam Andrew Presland. He’s an Australian gaming YouTuber known for his online alias, Tanqr, under which he creates content and entertains his audience with gameplay videos and other exciting gaming adventures.

How Old is Tanqr?

Liam Andrew Presland, also known as TanqR, is a famous gaming YouTuber from Australia. He’s 22 years old and is well-known for making videos where he plays games, especially Roblox.

In 2023, he has a whopping 3.75 million people following his main YouTube channel, which he started back in October 2014. People really enjoy watching him play games and having fun on his channel.

Who is Tanqr’s Girlfriend?

Tanqr’s girlfriend and relationship status are currently unknown to anyone else. Online personas’ privacy must be respected, and they may opt not to expose their personal relationships.

Please keep in mind that this information may have changed since then, and it’s always a good idea to check his social media sites or other credible sources for any updates on his personal life.

Tanqr’s YouTube Journey

Liam started his YouTube adventure on October 18, 2014, but his first gaming video didn’t come out until July 2015. He began making videos about games on his main channel in 2015, which was initially called TanqaPlays. Most of his videos are about playing Roblox, and he’s really good at it.

His very first video was about a big boss fight in the game ‘Booga Booga’ and it got people interested. Then, he made a video about a new boss called ‘Queen Ant’ in Roblox, which got over 500 thousand views and made him even more popular.

At first, he made videos where he put together cool moments from the game ‘Apocalypse Rising,’ but not a lot of people watched those. Then, he started playing ‘Booga Booga,’ and that’s when things started taking off.

He got more and more views, and more people started watching his videos. After a while, Liam began playing ‘SPTS: Super Power Training Simulator’ and made videos about it, which got him a lot of fans. In 2020, he created another channel called ‘Leeyum’ just for Roblox gameplay. He’s posted more than 30 videos on that channel so far.

Liam even had a one-on-one match with another YouTuber named RussoPlays in the game ‘Superhero City’ and won. After that, he made videos about games like ‘Mad City’ and ‘Dungeon Quest.’ He also focused on ‘Big Paintball’ for a while, but it didn’t go as well. Then, he played ‘Arsenal’ and later switched to ‘BedWars.’


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