Is Marina Squerciati Leaving Chicago PD? Will See Burzek Make Major Decision?

Compared to Chicago PD’s previous season, Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) has had a more subdued tenure. We all recall that the cop was shot in the season 9 premiere and came dangerously close to losing her life. She then had to deal with her daughter’s kidnapping near the end.

Given the strain that her coworkers Voight (Jason Beghe) and Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) have been through, it makes sense that she would face fewer challenges in season 10. However, in the episode “Under the Skin,” this is altered.

Burgess was charged with investigating a cold case involving a serial killer, and the more she dug into it, the more she was compelled to take stock of her history and her life as a whole. What consequences will result from Burgess’ assessment? Could she decide to leave IU?

Is Marina Squerciati Leaving Chicago PD?

Is Marina Squerciati Leaving Chicago PD?
Is Marina Squerciati Leaving Chicago PD?

The issue merits investigation since Burgess’s unresolved trauma from being shot came to the fore. She was visibly unsteady during the study, to the point where Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) questioned her well-being by the episode’s conclusion.

The character was so impacted that she decided to continue working on their case and gather evidence with Upton rather than going home with Ruzek. Although it’s easy to comprehend the trauma she’s going through, it might eventually affect how well she performs in her line of work.

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Who guarantees she won’t die or hurt another team member if she collapses in the middle of a firefight? The remainder of season 10 will undoubtedly focus on these issues.

Burgess might leave the show, mainly if she cannot get over the consequences of her shooting, but we are skeptical of this conclusion because the program is still adjusting to Jay Halstead’s departure (Jesse Lee Soffer).

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The writers would be foolish to fire another adored cast member so soon after one of them left, but it would be a surprising twist. Considering everything, Burgess will continue. But based on what she encounters, he might not be the Burgess we’re accustomed to.

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