The Queen of Dancehall’s Royal Surprise: Is Spice Pregnant In 2023?

Spice is a well-known Jamaican dancehall recording artist, singer, songwriter, and businesswoman. Her full name is Grace Latoya Hamilton. She is frequently referred to as the “Queen of Dancehall” and is one of the most well-known dancehall performers in the world. Early in the 2000s, Spice launched her career.

In 2009, she gained notoriety with the contentious hit “Romping Shop,” which she co-wrote with Vybz Kartel. She then entered into a contract with VP Records, releasing her debut EP with the title “So Mi Like It” in 2014, preceded by the release of a single with the same name.

Spice also appeared as a guest star in season six of the reality TV program Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on VH1, then in season seven of the same program in 2018, she became a regular cast member.

Is Spice Pregnant? 

The well-known dancehall performer Spice, the “Queen of Dancehall,” announced her pregnancy on Instagram by posting a photo showing her fully developed baby bulge.

Is Spice Pregnant 2023

She thanked God for being so wonderful in her message, writing, “God has been so good to me.” While many of her supporters rejoiced at the good news, others thought it might be a publicity hoax.

This rumor developed due to the artist’s past usage of convincing makeup to promote her song “Black Hypocrisy,” which astounded fans.

Who Is Spice Pregnant By 2023?

Khaotic, a musician and “Hip Hop” alum, is the father of Spice’s child, according to Spice. Fans of the artist Spice were split on their reactions after a photo circulated on social media that purported to reveal a baby bump.

There is a tweet in which, Despite posting a pregnancy photo of herself, Spice says she isn’t expecting a child, whom TheShadeRoom shared:

While some congratulated her on the news, others expressed skepticism and hypothesized that it might just be another music promotion ploy.

A recent scandal over the singer’s skin tone, which many fans claimed had been artificially lightened by long-term skin bleaching, contributed to this skepticism. The pregnancy announcement’s integrity has come into question due to the issue.

Who Is Spice Baby Daddy?

Spice acknowledged that Khaotic is the biological father of her unborn kid. On a recent episode of The Baller Alert Show, Khaotic appeared. According to The LA Times, Khaotic reportedly confessed to being the father of Spice’s child during an interview on the podcast The Baller Alert Show.

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This came after Spice revealed her pregnancy on Instagram with a photo. Khaotic made a claim on the show, but when the host doubted it, the rapper called Spice to confirm her pregnancy. Spice acknowledged Khaotic as the father of her child in front of the host and audience.

Spice has always been a fiercely independent lady who isn’t scared to defy social expectations. She has been open about her difficulties raising her son as a single mother and has encouraged many women to value their strength and independence.

She may decide to raise her child as a single mother, just like she has her previous children if that is what she wants to do.


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