Is There a Post Credits Scene in 65? Reviews Have No Effect on Twitter Users!

In Sony’s most recent film, Adam Driver faces dinosaurs in a brand-new cinematic adventure. As Driver’s character crashes landings on an unidentified, primitive world, 65 follows him. Viewers are genuinely curious as to whether 65 has a post-credits sequence.

The sci-fi movie from Sony centers on Adam Driver as Mills, a pilot who crashes his spacecraft upon an unidentified planet. The setting is Earth 65 million years ago, as the film’s trailers previously released indicated. In a world populated by extinct monsters, Mills must swiftly adapt to his environment and fight off various dinosaurs to survive.

65 describes how Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), the lone survivor, and Mills work together to try to find help. On Friday, March 10, 2023, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods’ prehistoric sci-fi movie will be released in theaters. At a runtime of about 93 minutes, the movie ensures that it won’t drag on.

Is There a Post Credits Scene in 65?

No. Yet there is a scene after the credits. Sadly, viewers won’t see a preview of anything more from the prehistoric science fiction movie when the credits roll. Yet there is a small animation before the credits, not after. The first minute or so of the credits are taken up with an animation showing how a planet’s surface changes and grows over time.

Does 65 Have a Post Credits Scene
Does 65 Have a Post Credits Scene

It’s possible that this planet reflects the evolution of Earth, from trees to skyscrapers. Yet, it’s also conceivable that the planet is one of the characters’ home planets.

As Koe and Mills are not natives of Earth, the animation might just as readily represent the evolution of their planet, wherever it may be in the solar system. There are no additional scenes when the animation is finished. Therefore viewers don’t need to stay.

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Twitter Users Not Deterred by “Bad” 65 Reviews

The latest film starring Adam Driver has received generally negative reviews so far. The movie presently has a Tomatometer score of 28% bad and an IMDb rating of 5.7/10. One critic from Rotten Tomatoes claimed the film was:

“not cheesy enough to be fun/bad nor awesome enough to compete with the “Jurassic” movies of the world.”

Although 65 earned mostly unfavorable reviews from critics, it appears that this will not deter Twitter users from visiting theaters:


The sci-fi movie’s concept baffled one commenter, who thought Driver’s character was a time traveler from the future:


Another commenter gushed about the actor and dinosaurs:


Whatever their justifications, many people are anxious to experience what the movie offers. Check us here on for the most recent information and updates.



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