90 Day Fiance: Is Veronica Dating Jamal?

Is Veronica Dating Jamal: Fans of the 90-Day Fiancé series believe Jamal Menzies is the mystery man hinted at by Veronica Rodriguez. Fans of the hit MTV series 90 Days in Heaven may recognize Veronica as Tim Malcolm’s ex-wife from Season 3.

Jamal’s mother, Kimberly Menzies, made her debut on Before the 90 Days in Season 5. During her three-part Tell All, which aired on Season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life, Veronica hinted at dating again.

Part 2 of Veronica’s Tell All concluded with her telling presenter Shaun Robinson, “It’s somebody that I met, kind of casually, and I didn’t expect it to go anywhere, but we just really, really struck off.”

Part of Veronica’s new lover, who was waiting backstage, was shown on camera throughout the segment. TLC’s cameras only caught a close-up of the man’s hands and lower body, displaying his jewelry, burgundy suit, and white tennis shoes. From the film shown at Tell All, some 90-Day Fiance fans have deduced that they have identified Veronica’s boyfriend.

Is Veronica Dating Jamal?

Several rings on the man’s fingers drew the eye. The audience saw him adjusting his bindings as he wore beaded bracelets on both wrists. u/ResponsibleTart5312 is just one of many Redditors who think Veronica is seeing someone else from the 90-Day Fiancé cast.

Cuban added, “The hands kind of looked like Jamal,” to the conversation. Then they watched 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? after the Tell-All. Jamal consoled his reality TV star mother Kim following the loss of his grandmother Sally in the most recent episode of season 7.

Jamal’s hands in episode 14 of HEA, when he was strolling with Kim, are almost identical to those of Veronica’s secret boyfriend in the Tell-All. Jamal is also wearing identical bracelets and rings, with a black ring on his pinkie and a stack of gold and silver on his right ring finger.

Is Veronica Dating Jamal
Is Veronica Dating Jamal

It’s not just Jamal’s fingers that sport matching jewelry in his Instagram photos. Even if it means nothing, the fact that Veronica and Jamal are Instagram followers of each other hints that she may have found “the one” in Kim’s son. You may also check Timothée Chalamet Dating and Olivia Culpo Dating.

Reason Behind The Dating Rumors

One internet sleuth posted a current snapshot of Jamal from Instagram and a close-up of the man’s jewelry from the footage on Twitter. Found out Veronica is dating Jamal for next week’s episode! They tweeted, “I’m honestly thrilled for this pair,” and highlighted Jamal’s rings that matched the man’s.

Veronica, 37, and Jamal, 27, recently posted photos to Instagram in which they posed on New York City rooftops. Recently, Veronica and her family celebrated Chloe’s birthday on the Ph.D. Terrace at Dream Midtown, where they posed for a photo in front of a flowery wall. It’s interesting to note that just days earlier, Jamal had stood in front of the identical floral wall at Ph.D. Terrace in Dream Midtown.

Veronica’s Instagram fans discussed her recent image in front of a floral backdrop, with many agreeing that the photo is further evidence that she and Jamal are an item. By taking photos against very identical settings, Veronica and Jamal can trick their respective fan bases into believing that they are an item.

One of Veronica’s fans remarked, “I think this verifies Jamal is the mysterious man on the tell-all.” Someone else was sure they saw Jamal’s reflection in the glass, therefore they concluded he was responsible for photographing Veronica in front of the flower wall.

You won’t hear me making any comparisons to the background of Jamal’s toxic masculinity essay. said another avid follower who had caught the error. A second of Veronica’s followers mentioned that Jamal had posted a picture of himself in front of the identical flower wall some days before Veronica did.

On December 12th, viewers of 90 Day Fiance will finally find out who Veronica chose as her new husband. In the meantime, though, do you believe it’s Jamal or simply some slick post-production work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tim and Veronica a couple?

But eventually, we reached a decent point, and today she is my best friend, he said. "Chloe and I were raised together by two close friends who used to be engaged."

Is Tim the father of Veronica's daughter?

Her Hispanic family is traditional and conservative. It was very evident to Veronica's parents that they wanted her to get married. However, when Chloe was 18 months old, Veronica and her ex-husband were divorced. Tim entered Veronica's life and adopted Chloe, who is now 16 years old, as his own child.

Why did Timothy and Veronica break up?

Opening up about his break-up, Tim said: "Veronica and I were together [for] eight years and just never, you know, tied the knot. We were starting to take different paths in life and we just changed."Sep 3, 2022

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