Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black? A Love Story Beyond the Wrestling Arena!

The relationship between Zelina Vega and her husband, Malakai Black, immediately comes to mind when discussing notable individuals in the wrestling business. Taking a closer look at this enthralling union, Zelina, whose true name is Trinidad, wed Dutch professional wrestler Tom Büdgen in 2018.

This exceptional man has made his impact in WWE not only as Tom Budgen but also as Malakai Black and, earlier, Aleister Black. Tom, who is better known by his ring name, Malakai Black, has established himself as a fearsome opponent. He is 38 years old and has a great deal of expertise and success in the profession.

Although Malakai Black establishes his domination in AEW and Zelina Vega shines brilliantly as a WWE star, their distinct wrestling careers haven’t weakened their strong marriage. These two celebrities have demonstrated that love can overcome any obstacle. Here’s what we know about the twosome.

Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black?

Malakai Black is 38 years old, yet his skill in the ring is still unparalleled. He is a seasoned wrestler who has met and conquered many obstacles because, in his situation, age equals experience. The fact that Trinidad discovered her soul partner in Tom Büdgen in 2018 is a true tribute to their connection.

Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black

Their dating marriage path exemplifies how love can grow despite the intense competition and spotlight of the wrestling ring. The happy pair have been together for about two years, and fortunately for their fans, they also started a YouTube channel called A to Z Aleister to Zelina, where they share details about their daily lives. But after a long time, they will not update this channel.

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Zelina Vega Previous Relationship

When the professional wrestler made her Ring of Honor debut in 2015, Austin was there to help. Their romance may have begun at a later date, but it terminated in 2018. Fans apparently didn’t take this news well because they kept shipping the couple. But Zelina emphasized that things had ended when a fan tweeted her about it.

In response to a fan’s tweet that was since deleted, Zelina said: “I am going to say this once: We are NOT together and have not been together for a very long time. We were certainly NEVER married or engaged. I’ve moved on a long time ago and do not wish to be associated with him.”

Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black

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