When Is Chrisean Rock Birthday and How the Multi-Talented Star Private Life?

Under the stage name Chrisean Malone, Chrisean Rock Malone is an American Instagram model, singer, and social media influencer. It is well known that she dated the rapper Blueface. She was covered in the media after a video of her and her partner making physical contact in public went viral online. This site gives more details about her appearance and other physical traits. You may read more about her as well.

When Is Chrisean Rock Birthday?

ChriseanRock was born to an American family in Baltimore, Maryland, and her birthday was on March 14, 2000. Christian Malone is her real name, and Pisces is her astrological sign. She obtained her diploma from a neighborhood private high school.

Christian may not have pursued a job by attending college, though. Her family history is varied. Malone, on the other hand, has made no public revelations about her parents. There are 11 siblings in total, but no one is aware of their names.

Eugene Malone and Charla Malone, Christian Rock’s parents, are the family’s primary caregivers. Along with her 11 siblings, the Vibe vocalist grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Rock’s parents raised her as the oldest child.

The artist was raised in a tumultuous home where both of her parents were involved in court cases. On suspicion of theft, Eugene, Charla, and a 16-year-old female were all detained in 1997. The three were apprehended by Annapolis PD for stealing cheques and mail from mailboxes at Cape Saint Claire. Here are more details about her net worth below.

Chrisean Rock Birthday

Chrisean Rock Net Worth 2023

Chrisean Rock is an American singer, songwriter, musician, entrepreneur, social media influencer, model, and dancer. In 2023, Chrisean Rock will have a net worth of $2 million. She accumulated her riches through a number of different endeavors, including her Instagram celebrity status, her solo or group musical singles, her YouTube channel, her role as CEO of The Blue Rock Network, and her modeling career.

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Who is Chrisean Rock Boyfriend?

Blueface and ChriseanRock have been dating for a while. For a while now, the pair have been happy in their union. The couple’s relationship does, however, seem to be having some issues. Chrisean and Blueface got into a physical fight on the streets of Hollywood for unidentified reasons.

An unauthorized party taped their argument, and it is currently going viral on several social media platforms.  Even a lot of famous people left comments on their battle films and shared their opinions.

Despite this, she still follows him on social media and has pictures of the two of them on Instagram. We cannot make any inferences about their conditions unless one of them confesses it.

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