Who is Lefty SM Wife? Exploring His Personal Life Beyond the Stage!

On April 22, 1992, Juan Carlos Sauceda gave birth to Lefty SM in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. In 1992, young Lefty SM began his musical career in the city of his birth. He was a rapper Alzada Records hired. He worked with well-known professionals in the field after becoming well-known in 2017, such as Luis R. Conriquez, Santa Fe Klan, Dharius, C-Kan, MC Davo, Carin Léon, El Komander, and Neto Pea.

Soy Mexicano by Lefty SM is “one of his biggest hits.” He uploaded the music video for the song Mostaza on July 20, 2023, and it has already received over a million views. Si me Caigo, Con los Ojos Rojos, and Por mi México are just a few of the musician’s well-known works. Here in this post, more details about Lefty SM.

Lefty SM Wife

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Lefty SM Wife

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The partner of Lefty SM is Maria Isabel. Unfortunately, she has kept a pretty low profile; thus, not much about her is known to the general public. Juan Carlos Sauceda, commonly known as Lefty SM, a deceased Mexican entertainer, was married to Mara Isabel. Here is an Instagram post in which Lefty’s wife takes a selfie with him:


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Lefty SM was slain in a brutal m*rder, leaving Mara Isabel and their two daughters to mourn his untimely passing. Understandably, the family’s attention is on moving over their loss and mourning the late artist during this trying period.

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How Many Kids Lefty SM Have?

Lefty SM’s wife, Maria Isabel, gave birth to two daughters while they were still married. Additionally, his Famous Birthdays profile mentions the kids he has with his ex-girlfriend, Eza Mary. There is very little information that is available to the general public about his wife and children.

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