What Was Jerry Blavat Cause of Death? What Really Happened?

Jerry Blavat, an American disc jockey, Philadelphia legend, and inductee into the Philadelphia Music Alliance Hall of Fame, passed away at 82. The radio host’s most well-known accomplishment was organizing live dances in his community, eventually leading to his radio program’s acquisition.

The Four Seasons and the Isley Brothers are only two now-famous groups he is credited with bringing to the public. Jerry’s love of music, especially “oldies,” led to a successful career in the field. In this article, you may learn more about Jerry Blavat’s cause of death.

Jerry Blavat Cause of Death

At Jefferson-Methodist Hospital, Jerry passed away at 3:45 in the morning, according to Philadelphia Action News. His primary cause of death was myasthenia gravis, a disease in which the nerves and muscles cannot communicate. According to the source, Jerry had additional connected health problems.

Those following Jerry’s tour schedule may be surprised by his health deterioration. According to his website, he had a show scheduled for Jan. 28 at the Kimmel Cultural Campus but had to postpone it owing to difficulties from a torn shoulder.

Jerry Blavat Cause of Death
Jerry Blavat Cause of Death

Along with his radio antics, Jerry has, over the years, guest starred on several television programs, including The Mod Squad, The Monkees, The Tonight Show, and The Joey Bishop Show. He also appears in Cookie, Baby It’s You, and Desperately Seeking Susan.

Jerry bought Memories, a nightclub in Margate, New Jersey, in 1972. In a 2022 interview with The New Jersey Stage, Jerry recalled the many well-known people he had met and become friends with while frequenting the nightclub. Everyone has experienced it.

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There, my mom prepared meals for [Frank] Sinatra. She also prepared meals for Sammy Davis Jr. There was Chuck Berry, said he. At 13, Jerry joined the original American Bandstand with DJ Bob Horn and Lee Stewart as a dancer, sparking his interest in the music business as a teenager.

According to Philadelphia Action News, the show’s producers allowed him to continue choosing tracks after realizing he was underage. Jerry didn’t begin his career on radio until 1960. His four daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and longtime companion Keely Stahl all survive him. There may or may not be a public memorial ceremony for Jerry.

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