Controversial Lawyer Seen on Dαte With RHOBH’s Erika Jayne!

The 51-year-old was photographed with a man named Jim Wilkes II. She is now going through a difficult divorce from disgraced former lawyer Tom Girardi.

The original photo, which shows Erika strolling through Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas while showing her trimmed new frame, was obtained from the Blonde Hair Black Heart Podcast with Blake Adam.

The Bravo actress claimed she is dαting again while prepping for her residency at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

In the photo, she is seen walking behind her male friend while donning a pair of huge sunglasses, a top with a red and black design, and heels to match.

Her mystery man was recognized on Twitter by attorney Ronald Richards, who previously worked on the Girardi estate case.

“Erika filed a summary judgment motion to get herself out of the case, and in response, the law firm noted that Erika was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars for her legal fees from an attorney named James Lewis Wilkes, II, via Wilkes’ law firm,” the filing read.

Wilkes has not responded to repeated requests for comment from The U.S. Sun and also contacted Erika’s representative. Erika can be seen following Wilkes on Instagram, where there are additional pictures of him playing golf while shirtless, many of which the reality TV star has liked.

He describes himself on Instagram as a “US Army ’69-72 Vietnam Vet songwriter, music publisher, lawyer, elder advocate, world champion boxing manager, political consultant, humanitarian.”

Let’s see what Page Six said about this news on Twitter, and tuned in with us for more detail:

His Instagram photos include famous people like Barack Obama and actor Clint Eastwood. He posted a photo of Erika and her ex-boyfriend in June 2017 and said, “We miss our Tom and Erika. Melania and I are ready for a retro trip to the Med.”

Below, Erika remarked, “We miss you too.” Melania is identified as his wife in a 2019 Tampa Bay Times piece when he was selling their $11 million property.

However, according to court records obtained exclusively by The U.S. Sun, he is currently married to Trista Tauchas, albeit the couple is already going through a divorce.

Like Erika’s ex, Wilkes has just been arrested amid a contentious divorce, so it seems he’s no stranger to getting into trouble.

Jim Wilkes Arrest

The attorney, who allegedly rose to fame nationwide by suing nursing homes, is now in trouble with the police after allegedly firing two bull*ts inside his home during a domestic fight just last month.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, he was detained by police on suspicion of felony aggravated assault with a deαdly weapon and misdemeanor violence.

Wilkes told officers that the woman struck him in the head, presumably with her hand, and that he grabbed a.45-caliber revolver out of fear that she would do the same.

The report also states that he admitted to firing two shots, one into the bathroom wall and one into the bed, to startle the woman and stop their argument.

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She claimed she hit Wilkes, and after he fired two shots, he held the gun to her head and body and threatened to sh00t her, even though Wilkes claimed he did not aim the gun at her.

Authorities warned at the time that the lady involved in the incident on April 10—whose identity and connection to Wilkes are withheld from the initial report—might also face charges.

Police removed the lawyer’s guns and ammo from the property thanks to a risk protection order. Ronald Kurpiers II, Wilkes’ attorney, told the publication:

“He was attacked and he was defending himself. That’s the extent of it.” A preliminary hearing will soon be held for the case, which is still before the court.

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