Joan Murray Skydiver Accident: The Story of Her Skydiving Mishap!

Former American skydiver Joan Murray. She is well known for being the 47-year-old lady who free-jumped from a height of 700 feet and survived a 14,500-foot plunge after her parachutes malfunctioned. Joan Murray was a banker by trade, and her primary pastime was skydiving.

But with just 35 skydiving dives under her belt, the mother of twin girls needed additional experience. However, on January 25, 1999, she encountered a miracle that many people find incomprehensible to this day. Continue reading the article to learn more about the Joan Murray Skydiver Accident and other details.

Joan Murray Skydiver Accident

She had ready her equipment and got on the plane, and nothing looked out of the ordinary when she soared 14,500 feet above the earth that day. But Joan wanted to test out her new skydiving equipment. She was prepared, and everything was in order when it came time to jump out of the plane.

Following an indeterminate amount of freefall, Joan Murray, the skydiver, pulled the line to open the main chute. But this day was different; nothing happened. She kept falling and began to spin uncontrollably. Luckily, she managed to cut her primary parachute, maintained her composure, and drew the rope on her backup parachute.

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Fortunately, she was right, and the reserve chute opened as planned. Unfortunately, though, Joan was still spinning and couldn’t get her bearings when the reserve chute opened. The reserve chute inflated, but it became caught and kept spinning. Joan Murray was falling rapidly toward the ground at the exact moment, and she had already dropped more than two miles and seven hundred feet before she hit the ground.

The tangling caused Joan Murray’s reserve chute to fail about 700 feet from impact. She consequently free-dropped at a speed of 80 miles per hour, or 128 kilometers per hour, from a height of 700 feet. Joan Murray’s body struck the ground, but she lived and was alive until the paramedics arrived to save her.

How Did Joan Murray Survive?

The incident Joan Murray had while skydiving was more of a miracle. When she hit the ground, she landed on a mound of enraged fire ants. After the point of impact, she was gasping, unconscious, and immobile.

Joan Murray Skydiver Accident

However, Joan Murray had multiple stings and an intense burning feeling in her back. The angry ants that attacked her for entering their domain made each sting more excruciating than the last.

There was poison in the ant stings. They, therefore, stopped her heart from beating and shocked it. Her body also produced more adrenaline as a result of the stings, which let her survive until the paramedics arrived, administered some immediate care, and took her to the hospital.

What Injuries Did Joan Murray Sustain?

Upon her arrival at the Carolina Medical Center, medical professionals discovered that Joan Murray had suffered fractures to the right side of her body in addition to losing many teeth. As a result, they did 17 blood transfusions 20 reconstructive surgeries, and put her into a coma.

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A metal rod was inserted into her right leg, and five-inch spikes were placed into her pelvis during the surgery. Joan Murray also sustained a fractured femur from comminuted bone. Luckily, Joan did not suffer any severe closed head injuries or hollow viscus injuries to the organs inside her abdominal cavity.

For two weeks, Joan Murray was kept under medical observation in a coma. Following her coma recovery, she started physical rehabilitation and short-distance running. She took it slowly, though, so as not to exacerbate her body’s fractures.

Did Joan Murray Return To Skydiving?

Joan Murray took to the skies once more two years after escaping the accident. On her 37th dive, she overcame her phobia by jumping out of another aircraft. However, Joan Murray was appreciative of her life this time around.

Joan Murray also declined a 2000 offer to retire with a disability. Instead, she went back to work in a division that patents business processes at the Bank of America Corporation.

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Is Joan Murray, The Skydiver, Still Alive?

Joan Murray will be 71 years old in 2023. She ceased going public three years after the accident. Therefore, it is uncertain if she is still alive. At 14,500 feet, skydiver Joan Murray leaped off the aircraft. Sadly, her chute malfunctioned, and she was forced to plummet 700 feet above the ground at an incredible 80 miles per hour.

Joan Murray was lucky to stumble onto a pile of enraged fire ants, which stung her more than 200 times. Her heart was startled by the venom stings, which made it beat faster and increased her adrenaline. It also kept her awake until assistance arrived. She took to the skies again two years later, jumping on another plane with gratitude for her survival.

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