Joey Fatone Wife: A Journey of Love And Breakups!

Joey Fatone admitted in an interview that he “enjoyed” being with his ex-wife and that, during their occasional breakups in their younger years, he would “crawl back” to his high school sweetheart.

NSYNC separated amicably a few years after the pair were married. Additionally, the couple split amicably, and they are co-parenting their two girls.

Kelly Baldwin, Joey Fatone’s Ex-Wife, Was Beside Him Throughout His Fame

As Neil Diamond and Jon Bon Jovi did when they wed their high school sweethearts, Jaye Posner and Dorothea Hurley, Joey clung to his love during his early ascent to fame.

The actor who played the scriptwriter in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” reportedly joked that they always did things backward in their relationship.

Joey Fatone Wife

He stated that after ten years of their on-again, off-again romance, they first had a child, lived together, and married. The pair rotated in the kitchen in their home; Joey was under pressure due to his appearances on numerous cooking shows.

In 2012, Joey was asked what advice he would give Justin Timberlake, a former bandmate, before his marriage to Jessica Biel.

He emphasized that the “SexyBack” singer should ignore outside criticism that comes with him and his actress partner being in the spotlight.

Joey added, “The key is to keep it happy, light, and fun,” adding that when children are involved, “there can be a lot of drama.” The actor from “Cursed Friends” emphasized the value of communication in maintaining a relationship.

They had it more straightforward as a pair in some ways since Kelly “wasn’t in the limelight,” according to the “My Family Recipe Rocks” host.

Joey reportedly denied tabloid rumors that Kelly and Joey had broken up in the middle of 2013. He emphasized how the negative news came out right before the much-anticipated reunion of NSYNC at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on August 25.

The former “Dancing With The Stars” contestant opined that people want to pull you down when things are going well. While he apparently claimed to be “highly upset,” he and the screenwriter are “still married,” and “their kids are great.”

Kelly Baldwin And Joey Fatone Have Two Daughters

Briahna Fatone was born in April 2001 and was later pictured backstage with her father and NSYNC. The new father carries the infant while sporting a gorgeous all-denim outfit reminiscent of the band members’ costumes.

Their small family was complete when Joey and Kelly welcomed Kloey Fatone in January 2010. At age 7, Kloey and her father competed in the game program “Big Star Little Star,” where they won $5,000 for the Autism Speaks organization they had chosen.

The musician stated that his youngest had high-functioning autism (HFA) during the episode. The father of two acknowledged that his relationship had been severely damaged due to their child’s condition during his appearance on the program.

His methods for his two kids are different since the two girls understand topics in various ways. He claimed that Kloey is fearless and would back her if she decided to be in show business, but he “won’t be a stage dad!”

Even Briahna, who was uninterested in the spotlight unlike her sister and father, is what he hopes his children learn from his career: “Is that is that anything is possible.”

Over Thanksgiving in 2022, the musician shared a selfie of himself and his two daughters laughing in a pool. They were all wearing black shirts. “Finally took an updated pic with my two girls… take those pics; they grow fast!” he urged his online audience.


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Joey Fatone And Kelly Baldwin Support Each Other Despite Their Split

In May 2019, Joey requested a divorce from Kelly. The suit claims that since 2014, the ex-couples have lived apart in separate homes. Through his agent, the performer stated that they continue to “fully support each other.”

The prenuptial agreement signed in 2004 by the member of the 90s boy band stipulating to pay $4,500 in child support each month and $3,500 in alimony was not challenged by Briahna and Kloey’s parents.

The “On the Line” actor could now completely appreciate Kelly’s efforts in caring for their children while he was away for business because she had to act as both mom and dad 50% of the time.

With their kids, the former couple still takes vacations. Depending on the situation, they have figured out when to do things jointly as part of their co-parenting responsibilities.

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Having kids taught him, among other things, how important it is to “give the other person a break.” Everyone needs time to engage in hobbies that “recharge” “their batteries,” such as reading in a hotel or playing golf, whether they are your spouse or co-parent.

Izabel Araujo Loved Joey Fatone Again

Izabel Araujo, born on September 8, 1985, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, entered the life of a single father after he and Kelly split up. Although she had to wait two years before meeting Briahna and Kloey, they started dαting in October 2014.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood served as the couple’s first date, and they have since celebrated their first anniversary there each year.

He snapped a picture of Izabel, Bruno, Kelly, and Joey’s Maltipoo that first Christmas after they were “100% divorced,” and his girls were all dressed for the season. It’s unclear whether Joey and Izabel are still dαting.

On Valentine’s Day 2020, the Superman fan referred to Izabel as his Lois Lane; in the past, they had written tweet tributes to one another on social media. 2019 saw the brunette from Brazil show up for Briahna’s high school graduation.


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