John Kruk Weight Loss: How He Drops the Pounds?

John Kruk used to play baseball professionally for teams like the San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies from 1986 to 1995.

John Kruk is famous not just for his baseball career but also for dealing with a medical condition that causes his weight to go up and down.

John Kruk’s Weight Loss Journey

John Kruk has been dealing with changes in his weight for a long time. After being overweight for a while, he managed to lose 20 pounds in 2021 – but then gained it back.

His weight has always been a challenge for him, affecting not only his life but also his health. At one point, he reached 320 pounds, which made him rethink his life.

Currently, he says he weighs 255 pounds and wants to maintain this weight. Even though he’s considering losing more weight, making lifestyle and eating habit changes is tough for him.

John Kruk Weight Loss
John Kruk Weight Loss

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John Kruk’s Eating and Exercise Routine

One big reason John Kruk finds it tough to keep his weight down is his love for junk food. Avoiding it makes him unhappy. Besides, he needs to focus on doing aerobic exercises and other physical activities.

His lifestyle, including what he eats and drinks, is the main cause of his weight issue. On top of that, he has type 2 diabetes and has to take insulin shots.

Managing his weight is tricky because his diabetes affects both his health and weight. And, his weight makes it hard to control his diabetes.

When he lost 20 pounds, it’s said he took part in a dietitian training course, traveling to New Orleans. Some sources say a professional dietitian helped him during this time. Making a small change to his eating and drinking habits then resulted in him looking slimmer.

Lifting Weights

John Kruk’s weight loss became noticeable when he started lifting weights. Weight lifting is not only good for losing weight but also for building muscles. When you lift weights, you turn fat into energy and muscles.

Many people on a diet are advised to include weight lifting in their routine, and it worked for John Kruk. It helped him lose body fat, as well as fat around his chin and belly.

In Conclusion

John’s weight loss journey teaches us a valuable lesson. Ignoring your health can lead to serious consequences. Hopefully, John Kruk’s weight loss story can inspire many, especially those aiming to prioritize their well-being.


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