Josh Shapiro Defeats Doug Mastriano In The Pennsylvania Governor Race!

Josh Shapiro Defeats Doug Mastriano: According to a race called by The Associated Press, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro easily defeated state Senator Doug Mastriano to become governor of the Commonwealth. Shapiro ran for office this cycle on a platform of defending women’s right to abortion.

Although that may change this cycle, the GOP now holds majorities in both chambers of the Pennsylvania legislature. A bill to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks was vetoed by the state’s Democratic governor Tom Wolf in 2017.

While serving as the top law enforcement official for the commonwealth, Shapiro also emphasized his record on crime. The police union in Philadelphia and Republicans turned off by Mastriano’s stance for rigging the 2020 election supported him. You may also check Biden, Obama, And Trump Three Presidents Converge On Pennsylvania!

By conventional standards, Shapiro easily won the majority of the race thanks to record-breaking amounts of funding. In the Democratic primary, he was the only candidate, and he had a substantial financial advantage throughout the contest, spending more than $59 million as of October 24.

 Josh Shapiro Defeats Doug Mastriano In The Pennsylvania Governor Race!
Josh Shapiro Defeats Doug Mastriano In The Pennsylvania Governor Race!

During the primary, he ran his first ad targeting Mastriano using his vast pockets to flood the airwaves. This was perceived as a Democratic tactic to support candidates who were thought to be more extremist in the hopes that they would be simpler to defeat.

Shapiro is a former state lawmaker and former head of the Montgomery County Commissioners. He is a native of Montgomery County, a suburb of Philadelphia. The victory of Shapiro also reveals the limitations of Republicans who support the late President Donald Trump.

Despite the previous president’s backing, Mastriano’s campaign only raised less than $6 million. Instead of using traditional media, the state senator from Central Pennsylvania used social media and town halls to speak with his supporters directly.

His campaign garnered endorsements from a rabbi who promoted Q-Anon conspiracies as well as the head of AuditTheVote PA, a group propagating bogus claims about election security. Mastriano’s unique team also includes numerous advisors who identify as “prophets.”

Mastriano drove a group of passengers to Washington, D.C. has been summoned by the House committee looking into the attack on the Capitol as of January 6, 2021.

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