Karol G Before And After: Her Outstanding Look After Her Plastic Surgery

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, also known as Karol G, is a Colombian singer and composer specializing in reggaeton and Latin trap music.

Also, she has dabbled in various genres like reggae and sertaneja. She was nominated for multiple Premios Lo Nuestro and Billboard Latin Music Awards and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018.

Karol G Before And After

Before she became famous, Karol G freely acknowledged getting breast augmentation as a cosmetic operation. Yet, there is still controversy about whether she underwent additional surgeries.

Given that Karol G already has naturally thick lips that give her a pouty appearance, it seems doubtful that she has had lip fillers added to her lips. Any visual differences are probably the result of makeup.

Karol G Before And After

Karol G’s nose occasionally appears thinner, but once the shades and contouring are taken away, both images show similar nose tips, suggesting that it is more likely the consequence of contouring than a nose job.

Karol G’s butt size looks to have expanded, but it is unclear if she has had a butt lift. Although that’s possible, it might also result from a focused workout.

Karol G Plastic Surgery Before And After

Karol G’s Breast Augmentation: Before her career took off, between 2005 and 2006, Karol G underwent breast augmentation, which she publicly admitted to.

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Karol G’s Rhinoplasty: Even though Karol G’s nose occasionally seems sharper than it is, closer inspection reveals that, if any rhinoplasty was done at all, it was merely a minor procedure. Her nose appears to have been made to look narrower and pointier by the shading around its edges.

Karol G’s Lip Fillers: Although Karol G’s lips appear overly large, her general mouth shape has not significantly changed, particularly at the borders. This makes it improbable that she has ever used lip fillers.

Karol G’s Butt Lift: Although Karol G’s butt looks more extensive in the “after” photo, her upper legs also look more comprehensive, indicating that she hasn’t had a butt lift but instead just put on some weight.


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