Why Did the Empire Destroy Mandalore? What Was the Planet Like Before the Purge?

Mando visited the mythical planet of Mandalore in episode 2 of The Mandalorian season 3. Still, he discovered a world in ruins after the Empire essentially destroyed the Mandalorian home world.

We’ve steadily learned more about the legendary planet of Mandalore and how it was nearly destroyed in a phenomenon known as the Great Purge ever since The Mandalorian originally debuted on Disney+.

In episode 2 of season 3, Mando visits the planet to atone for removing his helmet earlier and shows off the extent of the destruction.

Why Did the Empire Destroy Mandalore?

The Empire destroyed Mandalore because they recognized their inability to subdue the warrior-centered Mandalorian culture and saw them as a peer threat to the Jedi.

Bo-acquisition Katan’s of the Darksaber and the reunification of numerous Mandalorian clans in Star Wars Rebels enabled her to recover control of the planet from the Empire temporarily. The Great Purge was the Empire’s terrible form of retaliation as a result, though.

The few Mandalorians who survived the Purge were dispersed around the galaxy, making it impossible to band together and rebel against the Empire.

What Happened to Mandalore?

Why Did the Empire Destroy Mandalore
Why Did the Empire Destroy Mandalore

After a catastrophic tragedy known as the Great Purge, the Empire nearly destroyed Mandalore and its inhabitants. The Empire on the Night of a Thousand Tears destroyed the planet and its cities, as the Armorer related to Mando in The Book of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian-focused episodes.

On this infamous night, the Empire bombarded Mandalore with fusion bombs that destroyed the planet’s cities and transformed most of its surface into glass.

When Werner Herzog’s Client paid Mando in Beskar ingots for rescuing Grogu back in season 1, it was a reference to the fact that the Empire destroyed much of the planet and seized much of Mandalore’s Beskar supply. Mandalore was claimed to be cursed and entirely uninhabitable after the Great Purge because the air was tainted.

However, Mando found that the atmosphere was breathable in season 3, which may indicate that the Empire exaggerated the extent of their damage for propaganda reasons.

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After the Purge, How Did the Planet Look?

The last time we saw Mandalore in Star Wars media was in the Clone Wars series before The Mandalorian. The planet had been torn apart by war, whether internal struggles among the many Mandalorian clans or foreign wars with the Jedi.

The inhabitants had to seek refuge in dome cities like the capital of Sundari because a large portion of the planet’s surface had been reduced to a bleak desert. Yet, as Mando recounted to Grogu as they prepared to descend to the planet’s surface in episode 2, the earth was once highly friendly and grassy before it faced years of destruction.

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