You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained: Exploring the Surprising Finale

After four seasons, Penn Badgely’s obsessed serial killer Joe Goldberg is still roaming the globe unpunished for his horrible atrocities, not even a scratch or an arrest. We have to acknowledge that it has now developed into a little bit of a sick skill.

On February 9, part one of the twisting Netflix thriller came around, and Joe’s situation was starting to improve. After going on a murderous rampage in the United States, he relocated to London, took the guise of a university professor named Jonathan Moore, and vowed never to return to his criminal ways since, deep down, he’s a decent guy. (At least in his head.)

A new serial murderer, intent on drawing Joe back to the dark side (as if he ever needed luring), began taking off his new upscale friends one by one, finger by finger and ear by ear, but it wasn’t long until the victims began to pile up. The part-one conclusion answered that riddle, revealing that author and mayoral contender Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) was behind the murders.

You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained

As it turned out, that fan idea that said Joe had gone insane was completely accurate. By episode nine, Joe has largely pieced everything together with assistance from Rhys, who he learns is a figment of his imagination after killing the honest Rhys on orders from Kate’s (Charlotte Ritchie) shady father.

The lovelorn killer letting Marienne hop on that train to Paris was too good to be true after all. We discover that Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) was drugged, abducted, and held captive in Joe’s famed cage. Joe is revealed to be completely fascinated with Rhys (surprise).

So, until he awoke as the supposedly transformed man he now claims to be, he utilized his new passion as an alter ego he could unleash to sate his violent cravings. In the opening scene of the finale, Joe finds the heartbroken mother, Marienne lifeless body, after she appears to have overdosed on the painkillers he had given her for her broken arm.

To give her daughter the closure she needs, Joe leaves Marienne’s remains on a park seat rather than burying her.

You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained
You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained

Fade to Joe, overcome with guilt, writing a suicide note in which he admits to his misdeeds and the discovery of Rhys’ body in the woods. Then Kate, who is very troubled by her father and his possessive tendencies, summons him. Naturally, Joe interprets this as a green light to return to Tom Lockwood’s airplane hangar and commit another murder there.

But not before he kills Tom’s bodyguard and blames him for the entire incident. After this, it appears like Joe’s crimes are finally coming back to haunt him, and he can no longer endure the guilt. He heads to a bridge and has a heart-to-heart with ‘Rhys’ (i.e., his dark side), who tells him:

“Despite all I’ve ever done for you, you despise me.”

He indeed does, too. In the same way, as he has done to all his other victims, “Yous,” Joe is afraid for Kate and what he can do to her. Joe says:

“Lockwood was right about one thing,”

“We didn’t make the world, and it f**ked us up deeply. But one thing we can do is decide whether we’re gonna continue the cycle… or break it.”

And with that, he jumps from the bridge, ready to end it all once and for all. But then his inner monologue tells us:

“They say everyone who jumps instantly regrets it. Turns out, it’s true.”

Fortunately for Joe, he awakens in the hospital, still alive. As Kate comes, she tells him that her father has passed away, given her his business and that DNA from a particular person has been discovered on Rhys’s body.

Joe, though, is safe as usual. The duo profess their twisted love for one another and make a pact to “keep each other nice” once Kate has had the evidence erased. Joe continues by disclosing every horrific aspect of his life to his new love, beginning with his real name.

This is it? Joe has changed, but how? Is his terror reign finally coming to an end?

The answer is a resounding negative. Joe’s student Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) has been on to him during all this mayhem. She met Marienne, and the two devised a scheme to set her free. But because Marienne worries that Joe will escape and pursue her once more, she and Nadia create a slightly more original strategy.

Beta-blockers, which decrease your pulse rate to where you look dead, replace the medications Joe gave Marienne. When Joe texts to check on her and find out that Marienne has lost custody of her kid, it appears she has nothing to live for. She then switches the babysitter’s phone number to her own.

As usual, Joe locates Marienne and places her dead body on the park bench. He is unaware that Nadia has been following him, and she gives Marienne a shot of adrenaline as soon as he walks away. Marienne returns to Paris to be with Juliette, but Nadia finds this insufficient. She seeks to redress.

Joe is, sadly, already two steps ahead of her. When Nadia’s boyfriend, Eddie, keeps an eye on him, she breaks into Joe’s apartment and collects damaging evidence against him. Joe doesn’t take long to arrive and has an evil plan in mind.

He removes the photos from Nadia’s phone and informs her of all the resources he has amassed since Kate’s father passed away. He could help her. And by “help,” he means that he killed Eddie, hid the body in Nadia’s home, and fabricated his crimes so that Nadia shot Eddie after learning that he had slain Rhys.

But, as Joe later tells us:

“refused to speak in her own defence, and still hasn’t spoken from prison”.

Joe says: 

“You can come home again,”

“All you need is Kate, plus a cyber security team, a squadron of publicists […] scrub search results, hack news archives, bribe the Madre Linda chief of police, all to support the simple, true story of Joe Goldberg.”

He adds that “love can be complete… if you are”, which completely flips the script on the show we thought we knew well.

Since we first met him in that modest New York bookshop, Joe has always been so sure that he is this decent man. He must murder, so he does. He is obliged to. He’s not to blame. When his crimes—not his fault—come to light, he moves, adopts a new name, looks for another “you” to exploit, and refuses to acknowledge that he is the issue.

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Yet this time, Joe completely embraces his dark side, increasing his deadly potential. Thanks to Kate and the money from her deceased father, he is now a strong man. He no longer needs to flee or hide, and he has come to terms with the fact that he is a nasty person free to misbehave whenever he wants.

The fact that he is practically entire is terrible news for everyone else. Even though it would have been pleasant to watch Joe get what was coming to him, it was a good move for the show. Things started to feel a little monotonous, but this completely changed things.

Joe and Kate announce their intention to “transform the world” at the end of the episode. Given what we know about this twisted couple, the outcome won’t be favorable.

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