Who is Mandalore the Great? Star Wars Legends Features Similar Characters!

The most recent episode of The Mandalorian featured a veiled allusion to Mandalore the Great, a legendary warrior from Mandalorian history. But who was this illustrious warrior? While Force-wielding Jedi and Sith will be well-known to Star Wars fans, many people are still unaware of the background of the Mandalorians.

When Mando finished his trek to the Mines of Mandalore, where he and Bo-Katan discovered a plaque that mentioned a warrior named Mandalore the Great, episode 2 of The Mandalorian season 3 sought to delve more into their colorful past.

Who is Mandalore the Great?

Thousands of years before the events of The Mandalorian and the main Skywalker Saga, a legendary warrior and the king of the Mandalorian people was known as Mandalore the Great.

In Mandalorian history, everyone in positions of authority is referred to as a Mandalore, and each person is given a moniker to commemorate their bold actions. According to what we know about Mandalore the Great, he was a legendary warrior who engaged in combat with the Jedi.

Whereas episode 2 demonstrated that he could tame and ride the fabled Mythosaur, a cherished animal whose skull has since come to represent Mandalorian civilization.

Mandalore the Great’s Mentions in the Mandalorian

Even though the legendary character was first addressed for the first time in the second episode of season 3, the Armorer has previously brought up Mandalore the Great.

Who is Mandalore the Great
Who is Mandalore the Great

Earlier in Chapter 8 of season 1, the Armorer informed Mando that Grogu has Jedi-level Force abilities and said that wars between Mandalore the Great and an order of sorcerers known as Jedi were depicted in ancient songs.

The moniker “Mandalore the Great” was given to a single fighter, but it was intended to sound like a prominent period in Mandalore in the planet’s history.

As Mando and Bo-Katan journeyed to the Living Waters inside the Mines of Mandalore so that Mando may atone for the sin of taking off his helmet, this was further explored in episode 2 of the third season of the Disney+ series.

When they arrived, bo-Katan read from a plaque on the wall, providing more information about the planet’s past and the renowned warrior.

The inscription read:

“These mines date back to the age of the first Mandalore,”

“According to ancient folklore, the mines were once a Mythosaur lair.”

She continued:

“Mandalore the Great is said to have tamed the mythical beast,” 

“It is from these legends that the skull signet was adopted and became the symbol of our planet.”

Star Wars Legends Feature Similar Characters

Outside what has been mentioned in The Mandalorian series, very little is known about Mandalore the Great. Yet, he is comparable to several non-canon Star Wars Legends characters. These are, in particular, Mandalore the Preserver, Mandalore the Ultimate, and Mandalore the Indomitable.

His Indomitable namesake, Mandalore, the Great’s descendant, commanded the Mandalorians in a struggle with the Jedi during the Great Sith War, which occurred some 4,000 years before the events of A New Hope.

After the bloody battle, Mandalore the Ultimate had to pick up the pieces, but he saved the Mandalorian way by bringing the remaining clans together and moving on to the conquest of new worlds.

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Finally, there is Mandalore the Preserver, also known as Canderous Ordo, in the computer game Knights of the Old Republic II, which some fans may be familiar with. The Preserver fought in the Mandalorian Wars, in which Mandalore battled the Galactic Republic, including Revan, a Jedi who would eventually turn dreadful Sith Lord, and other members of the Republic.

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