Kellyanne Conway Divorce: Reasons Behind Their Delayed Divorce

American political consultant and pollster Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway (born January 20, 1967) served as Senior Counselor to the President in the administration of Donald Trump from 2017 to 2020.

Conway is the first woman to manage a presidential campaign in the United States successfully; she served as Trump’s campaign manager before his election having been hired in August 2016.

She was formerly the president and CEO of the Polling Company/WomanTrend and held positions in the Republican Party as campaign manager and strategist.

Kellyanne Conway Divorce

George Conway and Kellyanne Conway, a former adviser to Donald Trump, declared on Saturday that they are “in the final stages of an amicable divorce.”

“We appreciate the many family members, friends, and colleagues who know us, care for us, and support us,” the statement reads. “We remain united as parents to provide love, joy, comfort, and protection to our beautiful children.”

George Conway frequently attacked the Trump administration while his wife worked for the then-president, drawing attention to the couple’s troubled marriage.

The statement claimed that the pair had been married for over 20 years. The New York Post broke the news of the divorce first.

Kellyanne Conway Divorce

Kellyanne Conway claimed in an interview with CNN last year that George Conway, a lawyer who had once been a candidate for several Justice Department jobs in the Trump administration, persuaded her to accept the role heading Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

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George Conway “changed his mind about Donald Trump sometime along the way,” Kellyanne Conway said in a 2022 CNN interview after she and her husband had decided to move to Washington, D.C., together with their four children to work for the Trump administration.

George Conway eventually joined the Lincoln Project, an organization started by anti-Trump Republicans. He later turned out to be one of Trump’s sharpest detractors, which caused a very visible rift in the couple’s marriage.

“He can change his mind about Donald Trump. This is a free country. George owes no allegiance to a political party or a presidential candidate. But his vows to me, I feel, were broken because we were all in,” Kellyanne Conway said in last year’s interview with CNN discussing her memoir, “Here’s the Deal.”

In 2019 op-ed published in The Washington Post, George Conway referred to Trump as a “racist president” for his attacks on progressive Democratic congresswomen of color.

Trump had previously referred to George Conway as a “whack job,” a “stone cold LOSER,” and a “husband from hell” who was envious of his wife’s success in response to criticism.

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway announced their departures from their respective positions at the Lincoln Project and the White House in August 2020, claiming they needed to devote more time to their families.

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