Lauren Boebert Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make Per Year?

Lauren Boebert is a Republican politician and businesswoman. She has served as the 3rd congressional district of Colorado’s US representative. She is well-known for her divisive comments and is a genuine fan of the late President Donald Trump. Details regarding Lauren Boebert’s early life, personal life, career, and other topics are covered on this page.

Lauren Boebert Net Worth

As of 2023, Lauren Boebert had a net worth of about $5 million. Lauren receives a yearly salary of $174,000 as a representative in the US House of Representatives. In 2020, Lauren Boebert was chosen to represent Colorado’s 3rd congressional district as a US congressman and took office in 2021.

She was a fierce supporter of gun rights and had previously operated the now-closed Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. Boebert is notorious for various things, including her ties to far-right extremist groups, her anti-LGBTQ opinions, and her efforts to influence the 2020 presidential election results.

Real Estate

On a 5-acre parcel of land in Rifle, Colorado, Lauren and Jayson have a 4-bedroom, 2,700-square-foot house built in the early 1900s. Unknown to when or how much they paid for the property, they have a mortgage with Pennymac bank, reportedly in the “$250,000 – 500,000” area, according to House financial disclosures.

Lauren Boebert Early Life

In Altamonte Springs, Florida, Lauren Boebert was born on December 15, 1986. She spent her early years in Colorado’s two cities: Denver and Aurora. 2003 saw her family relocate to Rifle, Colorado. When Lauren’s mother switched to being a Republican, she was fourteen. She dropped out of high school in her final year, meaning she could not finish.

Lauren Boebert Career

When Lauren was a senior in high school, she was employed as an assistant manager. Additionally, she had a kid at an early age, which prevented her from completing her schooling. However, she earned her GED in 2020, a month before the first primary she would run in.

She and her husband opened the eatery Shooters Grill in 2013. The two were also the proprietors of the eateries Putters and Smokehouse 1776. In the September 2019 Democratic presidential primary, Lauren confronted Beto ‘Rourke.

Lauren Boebert Net Worth
Lauren Boebert Net Worth

In December 2019, she decided to run for the US House of Representatives in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district. On June 30, 2020, she received 54.6% of the vote and secured the Republican nomination. With the triumph, she became the first primary challenger to dethrone a U.S. Representative in Colorado in 48 years.

About the 2020 general election, Boebert concentrated on the constitution, energy, and gun rights. She continued to be one of the 14 House Republicans who abstained on a resolution denouncing the coup d’état in Myanmar.

She has recently made headlines for calling Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, a terrorist. Some Democratic members of Congress have demanded that she be removed from her committee responsibilities after the video went viral.

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Lauren Boebert Personal Life

Jayson Boebert, a former oil and gas worker, is married to Lauren Boebert. They have four boys collectively. In 2019, Jayson served as a consultant for Terra Energy. Before that, in 2012, he founded Boebert Consulting, where he earned $478,000 in 2020 while employed.

On February 13, 2017, Lauren was detained and lodged in the Garfield County jail for failing to appear in court over the accusation of reckless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle in 2016. Later, the allegations against her for failing to appear in court were dropped; however, she pleaded guilty to the allegation of operating an unsafe car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Congresswoman Lauren boebert from Colorado?

She is the first woman, mother, and youngest person representing the District of Columbia. She is a citizen lawmaker from Rifle, Colorado, who is 36 years old. Before her 2020 victory, she had never held public office.

Is Lauren boebert a House representative?

Lauren Opal Boebert, a representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district in the United States, is a politician, businesswoman, and supporter of gun rights.


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