Lionel Messi Dead or Alive: Argentine Footballer Car Accident Rumors Debunked!

Several individuals were persuaded by a social media report that Lionel Messi had perished in a 2023 automobile accident. This is untrue, though. The footballer is healthy and alive. One of the main places where people go to find news is social media. Regrettably, technology has also made it easier for false information to spread.

Recently, a death hoax claimed that Lionel Messi had passed away. Several famous people before this, including Tom Holland, Dwayne Johnson, and others, have also experienced this.

Lionel Messi Car Accident Rumors Debunked

Lionel Messi Dead or Alive
Lionel Messi Dead or Alive

After watching videos that appeared to show Messi being involved in a car accident in Paris and dying as a result, people were horrified and alarmed. These posts, though, dating back to 2022, when they first appeared online. It appears that some users are finding outdated content on the network, which has puzzled them.

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This is Not the First Time Death Hoax has spread

Some famous people have fallen prey to death hoaxes in the past. Oprah Winfrey recently fell prey to it when a number of people reported getting messages saying “R.I.P. Oprah.”

This led many people to believe that the television personality had passed away. In addition, the text message included a link that the recipients were instructed to click if they wanted to read the complete news report. But even Oprah has been performing great, just like Messi. It’s very likely that Oprah’s name was used in the texts as a ruse to attract attention.

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