Who is Billy Hargrove From Stranger Things? A Former Power Rangers Star!

Who plays Billy, Max’s brother, in Stranger Things? We wonder as viewers eagerly await the upcoming season. Let’s get to know actor Dacre Montgomery, who formerly appeared in the venerable children’s television series Power Rangers.

The fourth season of Stranger Things spent over two months in the top ten on Netflix. It amounted to more than 188 million hours viewed globally in a single week. Billy Hargrove was fresh eye candy for audiences in seasons two and three of the show if you have been hiding under a rock. Who played the little bad lad, though?

Who is Billy Hargrove From Stranger Things?

On November 22, 1994, in Perth, Australia, Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey was given birth. He is the oldest child of Scott Montgomery-Harvey, a New Zealander, and Judith Barrett-Lennard, a Canadian. is parents both had jobs in Australia’s film and television industry. Saskia Montgomery-Harvey is his younger sister.

Who is Billy Hargrove From Stranger Things
Who is Billy Hargrove From Stranger Things

At the young age of nine, Montgomery started his career in theater. In his hometown, he attended Mount Lawley Senior High School. Montgomery’s classmates selected him as “The Most Likely Student to Become a Hollywood Star” in the yearly yearbook in Year 12.

Throughout his time in high school, Montgomery continued to pursue his studies in the theatrical arts. In 2015, he earned his acting degree from Edith Cowan University’s Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. It appears, though, that Billy is not the only one of his characters with a bad-boy disposition.

He was advised to leave his theatre school and was sacked from his employment at 18. Dacre is a rising celebrity in Hollywood, so this hasn’t stopped him from fulfilling the forecast made by his classmates.

What Else Can You See Dacre in?

Dacre hasn’t been in any other TV shows, despite his enormous fame in Stranger Things. Not even any Australian soap operas. Dacre’s first TV job was as Billy Hargrove. Dacre, however, made a few short films. This was before he was cast as Mike in Kris Marshall and Xavier Samuel’s 2017 film A Fewer Men.

Then, in 2017’s Power Rangers, Dacre Montgomery landed the role of Jason Scott, the red ranger. The actor later starred as Jeremy with Olivia DeJonge from Netflix’s The Society in the Australian horror thriller Better Watch Out. In The Broken Hearts Gallery, Dacre also played Nick.

His most recent work was on the Baz Luhrmann-directed historical drama picture Elvis, in which he co-wrote the screenplay with Sam Bromell, Craig Pearce, and Jeremy Doner. The movie follows Colonel Tom Parker’s management of American rock and roll musician and actor Elvis Presley throughout his life.

Dacre plays the part of Steve Binder, a producer and director from the United States who collaborated with Elvis Presley on his 1968 comeback special.

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Billy is Max’s Step-Brother in Stranger Things

Dacre portrays Billy Hargrove in the television series Stranger Things. In season 2, he joined and moved to Hawkins with his stepsister Max. He takes Steve’s place as the show’s attractive bad guy shortly.

Billy terrorizes Max (Sadie Sink) and her new friends Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Dustin throughout season two of the popular Netflix series (Gaten Matarazzo). In Stranger Things season three, Montgomery plays the same character again. Billy has been taken over by the Mind Flayer, who is using him to assemble an army.

You can check out the official tweet from Stranger Things if you scroll below:

In the season’s climax, he atones for his mistakes. As Eleven frees Billy from the Mind Flayer’s grip, Billy decides to give his life to ensure the survival of the others, including his stepsister Max. The Mind Flayer ultimately succeeds in killing Billy. But Billy makes a brief appearance in Stranger Things season 4.

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