Loni Willison Before and After: The Story of an Ex-Fitness Model’s Descent into Addiction and Dumpster Diving!

Loni Willison, the ex-wife of former “Baywatch” actor Jeremy Jackson, was photographed looking in a dumpster for food, illustrating how far her life had descended since the couple’s separation ten years ago.

Willison, 39, has spent nearly seven years living in homeless camps in California. She is frequently seen pushing a shopping cart full of her ill-fitting belongings. The former cover girl who became addicted to drugs was initially discovered living on the streets of Los Angeles in 2016.

A striking contrast from her tanned, radiant, and supple days as a beauty girl, Willison seemed haggard, missing many teeth, and with short hair in photos taken on Tuesday as she pushed a cart through Santa Monica.

After her 2014 divorce from Jackson after two years of marriage, Willison, who frequently adorned magazine covers and red carpets, struggled in recent years with her mental health and substance misuse issues, spiraling out of control.

The troubled relationship between the former model and fitness enthusiast ended during an alleged drunken altercation in which Jackson allegedly tried to choke Willison.

Willison had two broken ribs, a neck injury, and scratches all over her body and face as a result of the struggle. However, the former “Expose” TV actress chose not to file a complaint. After Jackson’s claimed attack, the couple quickly broke up, and he later appeared in “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2015.

Loni Willison Before and After

In an interview with the Sun two years ago, Willison said, “It took me over two months to recover properly,” The native Californian claimed to be in a “very bad place” following the contentious divorce and to have begun suffering homelessness after losing her position as a plastic surgeon’s assistant.

She said, “I couldn’t exercise or take on any modeling jobs.” According to the Daily Mail, Willison claimed to have sufficient resources at the time despite allegedly abusing crystal meth and residing in a wealthy neighborhood in Venice.

I don’t have a cellphone. I have food and a place to sleep, she declared. “Food is available in the bins and close to the businesses, and I occasionally receive money. Everything is here.

A friend and former model Kristin Rossetti was there when Willison spoke in 2018. Willison revealed she had been experiencing an increasingly serious mental disorder that led her to believe she was being electrically tortured in her apartment on a street in West Hollywood’s Melrose Place.

She was ultimately evicted from her West Hollywood house because she was unable to pay her debts, according to the Sun.

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Willison was offered free assistance by Larry Marinelli, the owner of True Intentions sober living facility, but she reportedly declined and was back on the streets in less than 24 hours.

“I haven’t spoken to Jeremy. I don’t want to speak to my friends, I’m doing just fine,” she told. “I don’t want anyone to help me.”

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