Is Michael Bolwaire Married? Age, Kids and Net Worth!

Michael Bolwaire, also known as ‘Bolo the Entertainer,’ is an American dancer, model, and actor. He got famous from being in a group of male dancers on the reality show Vivica’s Black Magic.

Many people are curious about his marital status, age, children, and financial success because of his fame as a dancer, model, and actor. Join us as we explore into the fascinating parts of Michael Bolwaire’s life to find out about his marriage, age, family, and net worth.

Is Michael Bolwaire Married?

Yes, Michael Bolwaire is married. In 2022, he decided to take a significant step in his personal life and marry. But here’s the thing, he kept it extremely private, and no one knew about it until he announced it on Instagram.

He shared a cute photo of himself holding his new wife’s hand:

Michael Bolwaire Wife
Michael Bolwaire Wife

They both wore matching wedding bands, and the caption said “NEW CHAPTER,” indicating that he is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his life.

Some of his followers indicated they were at the quiet event in the comments. What’s interesting is that he didn’t show us his wife’s appearance or name.

Despite his celebrity, he prefers to keep his personal life private. But it’s apparent that he’s thrilled with his new partner and eager to embark on this new chapter in his life.

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Michael Bolwaire Age

Michael Bolwaire is 35 years old, born on April 30, 1988, in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a Taurus. He grew up in Cleveland, but we don’t know much about his family. We’re not sure about his parents’ identities or jobs. He has one sister, but we don’t know much about her either.

Does Michael Boulvoire Have a Child?

Michael Bolwaire is a proud father. He has a small kid who began kindergarten in 2022. On his Instagram, he posts images of his son, demonstrating how close they are and how happy his son makes him.

Michael Boulvoire Son
Michael Boulvoire Son

However, Michael hasn’t shared much information about his son’s mother, so we don’t know if his wife is the mother or if the child is from a separate connection.

Even though he keeps some details about his personal life private, his admirers are pleased to see him succeeding in both his career and as a father. With his incredible talent and great enthusiasm, he’s sure to continue making a significant impression in the dance world and beyond.

Michael Bolwaire Net Worth

Michael Bolwaire is financially successful, his net worth is around $5 million. He’s good at what he does in the entertainment industry, therefore he’s made a lot of money.

He’s collaborated with well-known artists and appeared on television shows, which has increased his popularity and wealth. His choreography skills also landed him a number of assignments, increasing his earnings.

What’s particularly interesting about him is that he’s not only a performer, but also a company owner. He founded not one, but two clothing firms, both of which have been profitable for him. So he’s got a fairly good financial story.


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