Mike Leach Illness: Mississippi State Coach Leach Hospitalized In Jackson!

Mike Leach Illness: On Sunday afternoon, Mike Leach, the head coach of Mississippi State, is in the thoughts of everyone in college football. According to a statement from Mississippi State on Sunday, Leach was rushed to the hospital after experiencing a medical emergency.

“Mike Leach, the head football coach at Mississippi State University, experienced a personal health situation earlier today (Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022). Due to this problem, it was decided to send Coach Leach by ambulance to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

Mike Leach Illness
Mike Leach Illness

Coach Leach’s status is only known to MSU to this point, and the school will not provide any additional information other than to say that Mike, Sharon, and their family are in its thoughts and prayers. You may also check Celine Dion Reveals Diagnosis and Meechie Walker’s Death.

Following discussions between MSU President Mark E. Keenum and Interim MSU Athletics Director Bracky Brett, it was decided to hand the MSU football team over to Defensive Coordinator Zach Arnett pending Coach Leach’s return.

Recruitment efforts and ReliaQuest Bowl practice will continue “announced Mississippi State. Leach’s status is yet unknown in detail. Leach, though, was diagnosed with pneumonia throughout the season, as we now know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Mike Leach suspended from TTU?

Mike Leach was just let go after serving as the head coach of the Texas Tech Raiders for ten years. Adam James, a wide receiver who had sustained a concussion, was involved in a circumstance that led to his firing, and the official explanation is that Leach broke medical protocol by keeping James inside.

Where is Mike Leach going?

According to numerous sources, Mississippi State and its head football coach, Mike Leach, reached a two-year contract extension on Tuesday. Leach will allegedly remain in Starkville, Miss., thanks to the extension.

Does Mike Leach have a wife?

Sharon Leach is the wife of Mike Leach.

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