Minus Cal Net Worth 2022: How Does The Company Generate Income? Is The Business Dead?

A protein snack called Minus Cal aids in weight loss by preventing fat storage. The bars contain a mixture of fermented tea extract that prevents fat absorption in the small intestine. Although the choleve quote is helpful, it only appears in minimal quantities in all teas.

It would help if you took more Choleve extract to reap its effects. These bars include the choleve section, which aids in weight loss indirectly by preventing the body from absorbing fat. Three types of these bars were offered: chocolate, peanut butter, and apple cinnamon.

Who Are The Founders Of Minus Cal?

Barrett Jacques came to Nashville, Tennessee, where Crom Carmichael, raised in South Bend, Indiana, lived. Barrett and Crom both graduated from Vanderbilt University, where Barrett earned a business degree and Crom a master’s.

Starting in his career, Carmichael wrote columns for the Nashville Tennessean. He later started commentating on politics and business for WLAC-AM and WSMV-TV. He became an angel investor after leaving the media industry.

Jacques, on the other hand, began his career in the music business. After graduating from college, he joined Sony Music Entertainment as a recording artist and Sony Music Publishing as a songwriter. Also, check our trending articles, PittMoss Net Worth and Hot Tot Net Worth.

Establishing The Company

When Barrett attempted to increase the size of his investment portfolio, he believed that a new company making protein-rich snacks might be successful. He came across the green tea-derived substance Choleve as he created his product.

With Crom, he extracted Choleve from green tea, boosting the content by 20. To reap the health advantages of Choleve, you would need to consume liters of green tea daily.

The company’s owners, founded in 2017, asserted that the supplement might prevent the small intestine from absorbing fat.

Minus Cal Net Worth
Minus Cal Net Worth

Shark Tank Appearance

In episode 11 of Shark Tank, Crom and Barrett appeared and asked for $500,000 in exchange for a 20% stock position. They got off to a horrible start when the elderly man requested Robert Herjavec, “What? “after claiming that the product didn’t taste very nice.”.

The Sharks were on the prowl as the entrepreneurs continued their pitch. Mark Cuban was dubious and had numerous concerns regarding the veracity of their allegations. Barrett was more reserved, while Carmichael battled back to protect the product.

The Sharks didn’t like the valuation, especially since they had no reliable sales. Unsurprisingly, the two were empty-handed when they departed the Tank.

What Happened To Minus Cal After Shark Tank?

Cuban advised the viewers not to purchase any of the things near the end of the episode. The fact that the business faltered following Shark Tank suggests that viewers heeded the billionaire’s advice. The market for weight loss products is highly competitive, and Minus Cal lacked the funds to invest in promotion.

Most of the product’s users left unfavorable reviews on Amazon; it received an average rating of 1.9 stars out of 10. As a result, Minus Cal’s social media activity began to decline in 2019, and the company subsequently closed its online store.

Potential clients raised a red flag about the lack of scientific research. 2020 saw the official closure of Minus Cal, but no sales numbers were disclosed.

How Does Minus Cal Generate Income?

There were Minus Cal protein bars for sale. For $29.95, they offered a box of eight bars. This costs a great deal more than other protein bars. Before going on Shark Tank, the company had begun selling the items. As a result, their sales and profits were relatively low. The firm failed very quickly.

Investors Of Minus Cal

On Shark Tank, the founders asked for a $500,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity. However, they could not close the deal and were forced to depart the performance empty-handed.

Competitors Of Minus Cal

Many protein bars on the market are good for you, cheap, and low in fat.


A low-fat, nutritious protein bar is builtbar. The bar is low in calories, carbohydrates, and fats and high in protein. The protein bar is entirely gluten-free and free of any chemicals or preservatives. They come in various tastes—the $10 million income of Builtbar.

Premier Protein

Premier Protein sells wholesome and delectable snacks. They manufacture protein smoothies, bars, and other healthy foods and beverages. They bring in roughly $10 million annually.

Primal Kitchen

Established in 2015, Primal Kitchen sells healthy condiments, sauces, and snacks like protein bars.

Is Minus Cal Dead?

Protein bars with minus calories are no longer offered for purchase. The business was shut down. Since 2019, their social media accounts and website have not been active or maintained.

Barrett Jacques, a former vice president of Minus Cal, is currently employed at MetaPhy Health as a business developer.

Net Worth Minus Cal

Minus Cal bars are another addition to the long range of flashy goods that make weight loss claims. The new protein bar’s creators, Crom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques asserted that it might prevent fat absorption. They made a pitch on Shark Tank, but no agreement was made. As of 2022, Minus Cal has no value because it closed its doors.

Final Lines

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