Who is Mo Rocca’s Wife or Partner in 2023?

My Grandmother’s Ravioli, which he co-created and hosts on the Cooking Channel, and Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, both of which air on CBS, are among Mo Rocca’s notable accomplishments. When it comes to national public radio, Rocca is a mainstay on Morning Edition. Excuse me, excuse me!

Mo Rocca Wife

Mo Rocca doesn’t have a wife as he is unmarried. Rocca, an actor and comedian, came out as gay after a long period of silence. In a 2011 podcast interview with The Six Pack, he came out as gay at the age of 42. Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin of New York City host the aforementioned show, which is titled “news, views, and dudes.”

“It’s simply that I feel more comfortable being myself these days.” Speaking about her feelings, Rocca mentioned that they didn’t begin until she was 42 years old. Outside of Stonewall Inn on the night that New York passed marriage equality legislation, Rocca—who has nearly half a million Twitter followers—also revealed that he was single at the time.

“I tweeted about it,” she said. It was “a wonderful place to be,” he remarked, “very memorable and emotional.” Even though it was a long time ago, he was a reader at the Papal Mass in New York’s Madison Square Garden on September 23, 2015. Rocca regularly attends events hosted by the National LGBTQ Journalists Association (NLGJA), which she joined not long ago.

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Does Mo Rocca Have a Boyfriend?

Rocca admitted to having a boyfriend in an interview that took place in February 2018. “I am in a relationship. But I’m a loner in the Village, he said. The journalist made a similar reference to her boyfriend. But he has decided to keep mum about his partner for the time being. Who knows if he is still seeing his boyfriend, either?

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Mo Rocca’s Family

Rocca received a BA in literature from Harvard University; she was born on January 28, 1969, in Bethesda, MD. He goes by the name Maurice Alberto Rocca. He possesses a unique blend of Italian and Colombian ancestry, thanks to his parents. Both of his brothers, Larry and Frank Rocca, were brought up by their respective parents.

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