Multiversus Season 1: Is Season 1 of Multiversus Out?

Season 1 of MultiVersus is coming shortly, and it brings with it a brand new character named Morty Smith, a ranked mode, and a new battle pass with even more cosmetics.

We regret to inform you that Season 1 has been postponed and that the new release date has not yet been announced. At some time in Season 1, Rick will also enter the fray, offering players a second mage character to experiment with.

While information is still limited, this is what we do know about Season 1 of MultiVersus.

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Multiversus Season 1 Release Date

Multiversus Season 1
Multiversus Season 1

As of this writing, a premiere date for Season 1 of MultiVersus has not been set in stone. The release date of August 9th, when it was initially scheduled, has been pushed back.

A Season 1 premiere date has supposedly been teased as “coming very soon” in a tweet(opens in a new tab) from the MultiVersus page revealing new material.

The lack of concrete details leaves us guessing that the first season of MultiVersus will premiere in August of 2022; in the meantime, we recommend following the show’s Twitter and other social media accounts to stay up to date.

Addition of Rick and Morty to the Multiverse

In Season 1, Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez are introduced to the MultiVersus cast. Season 1 of Rick and Morty was originally scheduled to premiere on August 9, however, due to production delays, the premiere of Morty has also been pushed back.

There is currently no information regarding Rick’s premiere date, although he is likely to air somewhere in the middle of Season 1 in order to spice up the game during the off-season.

With his Expert skill level, Morty will be a Bruiser, making him a close-quarters combat specialist who is challenging to master. His immensely ripped arm from the show should figure prominently in his move set.

Rick, meanwhile, will be joining Tom, Jerry, and Bugs Bunny as a Mage/Ranged, and his spatial portal pistol will almost certainly play a significant role in his battle maneuvers; we can also expect to see plumbers and a scorpioid.

There are rumors of several other characters who may appear in future seasons of MultiVersus, but we have no confirmation that any of them will make an appearance in Season 1.

New Multiversus Ranked and Classic Arcade Modes

With the release of Season 1, MultiVersus welcomes two new modes: Ranked and Classic Arcade. We currently only have those names to go on, which is unfortunate. In the Ranked mode, players will compete against others of similar skill in one-on-one matches, a format that is common in other games.

However, the Classic Arcade mode is not as evident. Maybe it’s like Mortal Kombat’s Tower mode, in which players face increasingly difficult AI opponents as they climb to the top of the tower and play the final boss.

We look forward to learning more about these game modes, especially Ranked, in the near future.

Season 1 Multiversus Battle Pass

Players may also expect a new, larger battle pass for Season 1 to work through. This ticket, for which you’ll pay 950 Gleamium, grants access to 50 tiers of cosmetics and stuff.

New icons, banners, and skins—including a Robin skin for LeBron James—themed after Batman, the House of Stark, and Rick and Morty can be seen in the Season 1 Snapshot image.


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