Museum Visitor Pockets Part Of $70,000 Art Piece And Walks Out, Oklahoma Cops Say!

Museum Visitor Pockets:  After a piece of a larger artwork went missing, a museum in Oklahoma reportedly strengthened security. The museum eventually received the artifact that had been stolen.

According to Michael Anderson, the CEO and president of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, a routine inspection of the museum’s art galleries on October 14 revealed a missing piece. The item was taken from a $70,000 art installation.

According to our knowledge, nothing has ever vanished from the museum before, Anderson told KFOR. The museum notified the Oklahoma City Police Department and identified a “likely suspect” after reviewing security footage, Anderson told KFOR.

Museum Visitor Pockets
Museum Visitor Pockets

According to a police affidavit submitted on Friday, December 16, security footage from October 11 showed a guy taking the glass artwork off a display table, putting it in his shorts pocket, and leaving the museum, according to The Oklahoman.

A museum official told McClatchy News that the suspect was an institutional member. According to Anderson, the stolen item was found less than a week after the museum became aware that it was missing. He revealed to The Oklahoman that “it was returned anonymously to the museum.”

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The Oklahoman said the suspect, 56, is accused of grand theft. According to Anderson’s statement, the museum declared after the occurrence that it had “taken extra security measures to ensure this would never happen again.”

Anderson remarked, “We look forward to continuing to provide Museum visitors with the highest-quality experiences and bringing top-tier exhibitions to the center of Oklahoma.”

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