Republican Lombardo Defeats Democrat Sisolak In Nevada Governor’s Election!

Republican Lombardo Defeats Democrat Sisolak In Nevada Governor’s Election: After a close contest, it is anticipated that Republican Joe Lombardo will defeat Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak in Nevada, giving the GOP its first victory in a governor’s race this election year.

It “appears we will fall a percentage point or two short of winning,” Sisolak said in a statement posted before the election was declared on Friday night, adding that he believes in “our election system, in democracy, and recognizing the choice of Nevada voters.”

He mentioned the hardships of the previous four years, such as the epidemic and inflation, and claimed to have contacted Lombardo to wish him well. The sheriff of Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, Lombardo, attacked Sisolak’s handling of crime and the coronavirus epidemic throughout the election campaign and appealed to voters’ economic hardships in a state where inflation has been particularly high.

While claiming to be “pro-life,” he attempted to downplay the matter and stated he would follow “the vote of the people,” which Sisolak accused him of doing to suit his political agenda. In a statement released Friday night, Lombardo said, “Our victory is a victory for all Nevadans who want our state to get back on track.”

Republican Lombardo Defeats Democrat Sisolak In Nevada Governor's Election!
Republican Lombardo Defeats Democrat Sisolak In Nevada Governor’s Election!

It’s a win for law enforcement, parents, students, and small business owners. In a year when numerous Democratic incumbents bucked GOP expectations of a red wave, winning close contests in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, and Oregon, where an independent candidate divided the Democratic vote, Lombardo’s victory marked the GOP’s first gubernatorial pickup.

Lombardo has refuted former president Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated assertion that the 2020 election was rigged and stated during a debate that the deception disturbed him, in contrast to other candidates at the head of the GOP ticket in Nevada.

He occasionally distanced himself from Trump but continued to campaign with the former president after beating out more than a dozen rivals in a competitive GOP primary with Trump’s endorsement.

Lombardo also demanded that Nevada’s tourism-based economy be diversified and lambasted the state’s public school system. In 2018, when Democrats also had majorities in state legislatures, Sisolak was elected, giving his party unified control of state government for the first time in decades.

Robert Bigelow, a businessman from Nevada and the owner of the Budget Suites of America hotel chain, gave Lombardo a major financial boost by contributing more than $13 million to political action organizations that supported Lombardo. That enabled Lombardo to counter Sisolak’s edge in fundraising.

Although Democrats have had recent success in Nevada, statewide elections typically come down to a few points or less, and both parties anticipated this year’s elections to be close. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, served as governor of Nevada from 2011 to 2019.

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