Who Is Naveen Andrews Wife? Know About His Past Relationship!

Naveen Andrews Wife: Naveen Andrews, a British actor who now calls the United States home, was born Naveen William Sidney Andrews. He is best known for portraying Sayid Jarrah in the “Lost.” He has also appeared in numerous dramas like “Sense 8,” “The Buddha of Suburbia,” “Sinbad,” and “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.”

The television movies “My Own Country” and “The Ten Commandments” starred Andrews. The English Patient, True Love and Chaos, Rollerball, Bride & Prejudice, Provoked: A True Story, The Brave One, and Diana are a few of the well-known big-screen productions he has worked on.

One of the actor’s most notable performances was as Kip Singh in the movie “The English Patient.” Andrews has lent his voice to the role of Sabal in the video game “Far Cry 4” as a voice actor. The British-American actor has received numerous nominations for essential awards, including the Emmy and Golden Globe.

For Lost, he was also honored with a Screen Actors Guild Award in the category “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.”

Who Is Naveen Andrews Wife?

He and Barbara Hershey fell in love at the same time when they first met in 1999. Their first encounter occurred in the American film Drowning On Dry Land. Even though she was 21 years older than him, their relationship overcame their age differences. They then began dating, split up in 2005, got back together in 2010, and were divorced in 2011.

Naveen Andrews Wife
Naveen Andrews Wife

Their divorce has been handled without explanation. No one involved in the scene, including the actor, has spoken frankly about it on camera. When asked about her in an interview with Dailymail, he responded that he was baffled by the presence of an older, more accomplished girl in his life.

Naveen Andrews Past Relationship

They started dating when Naveen Andrews was 16, and Geraldine Feakins was 30. When their relationship began, Feakins was wed to a man named Norman. From 1985 through 1991, they were romantically involved, and their son Jaisal was born in 1992.

His family rejected him due to his connection with his girlfriend, whom he never married. He never made amends with his parents, who died in the 1990s. You may also check trending articles like Tony Hales Wife and  Robert Kraft’s Wife.

Currently single, Naveen Andrews won’t get hitched till 2022. The actor has had romances with several women but never got married. However, none of the women he has dated have exchanged vows with him. We don’t know anything about his marriage, so perhaps anything prevented him from marrying them.

The actor has been candid in discussing his alcoholism. In a similar vein, he has disclosed his mid-1990s heroin addiction publicly. He previously had such severe drug use concerns that he had to be taken to the hospital after passing out on the set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Naveen Andrews from Iraq?

Naveen William Sidney Andrews was born in Balham, South-West London, to a traditional family. He is not Iraqi; instead, he is of Indian ancestry. In Wandsworth, he and his two younger brothers were raised.

How old is Naveen Andrews?

He is 53 years old.

Are Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews still together?

The actor and actress Barbara Hershey have separated after 12 years of marriage, according to People.com. The couple, who connected initially while working together on the independent film “Drowning on Dry Land” in 1998, secretly called their quits six months ago and “remain best of friends,” according to Andrews’ management.

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