Nicki Minaj Boyfriend: Who is Nicki Minaj Current Partner?

Nicki Minaj Boyfriend: In the early 2000s, when Lil Wayne first started his record label Young Money Records, he signed two artists who would go on to become major figures in the rap scene: Drake and Lil Wayne.

Before Nicki Minaj and Drake signed with Wayne, they were hardly known by the general public. Nonetheless, they rapidly rose to prominence, selling millions of copies of their albums.

Nicki and Drake have worked together musically for most of their careers, and they both still promote the Young Money label. The two of them appear to be good friends who have always stuck up for one another.

A common question amongst fans is whether or not the artists ever went on any romantic dates. Was there ever a relationship between Drake and Nicki?

The Relationship Between Nicki Minaj and Drake Has Had Its Ups and Downs

Young Money Records was founded in 2009, and the same year Nicki Minaj and Drake both joined the label. The labelmates didn’t know each other before signing, but they had undeniable synergy onstage. Drake has also stated that Nicki and he are like brothers and sisters.

Until 2015, Nicki and Drake remained close friends despite their occasional conflicts. After starting a relationship with Nicki that year, Meek Mill went on to make some unflattering comments about her.

Nicki Minaj Boyfriend
Nicki Minaj Boyfriend

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Although Drake has refuted Meek’s claims that he employs ghostwriters, the rumors persist.friend Still, Nicki found herself smack in the thick of the fight after making the remark.

I really dislike it,” Nicki told The New York Times in 2015. Nothing good can come from this. You should never pick a side between the individuals you care about. What a stupid idea. I wish it will end already.”

Thankfully, following Nicki’s and Meek’s breakup in January 2017, their friendship has since been restored. The reunited group of friends visited Wayne in the studio not long after the breakup and have been friends ever since.

Do We Know if Nicki Minaj and Drake Dated or Not?

Since they both became popular, speculations have circulated that Nicki and Drake are an item. Drake’s mixtape, Thank Me Later, from 2010 included a confession of his feelings for Nicki, which only exacerbated the allegations.

Drake admitted in his song “Miss Me,” “I adore Nicki Minaj, and I told her I would, and I hope we get married someday so we can both say, “We f***ing did it.” The Torontonian seems unconcerned by Nicki’s committed connection with Safaree Samuels.

Nicki has responded to Drake’s comments on social media and in videos with laughter and flirtation on multiple occasions (who can forget the “Anaconda” lap dance?).

The two rappers joked about getting married in 2010 for a music video, but it turned out to be for Nicki’s song “Moment 4 Life.” Despite this, Drake told The Daily Beast that she was the type of person he could “spend my life with.”

In November 2011, he commented, “I appreciate the stripped-down Nicki.” Nicki is at her best when she’s in the recording booth, hair and makeup free, wearing all black, and spitting fire bars. What’s hot in my book? I’ve dated some incredible ladies, but, jokes aside, I truly believe that Nicki is the only woman I could spend the rest of my life with.

Drake appears to have decided to keep Nicki around as a buddy after all. Nicki Minaj, of “Dear Old Nicki,” wed her old school sweetheart Kenneth Petty in 2019, and the couple is expecting their first child in September 2020. In 2017, Drake and Sophie Brussaux welcomed their baby, Adonis.


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