Doja Cat Boyfriend: Who Is He? Her Dating History Is A Complete Mystery

If you know the rapper Doja Cat, you know that he isn’t the shy type. Like, have you seen her TikToks? And who could forget the 2022 Grammys when she let everyone know she’d been using the facilities when her name was called for Best New Artist? Truly an icon.) However, many are curious about Doja Cat’s past relationships.

Is Doja in a relationship? What about well-known ex-lovers? As for the Joji rumors, how much credence do they hold? It looks like we need to go into deep water here, folks.

The artist has been linked to several people romantically throughout the years, but she has never publicly verified her status in any relationship. (She told Ebro Darden in an interview that she wouldn’t talk about her boyfriend until “it becomes true” between them.)

However! During an Instagram Live broadcast in February 2022, viewers overheard what sounded like a man saying “babe” in the background, prompting Doja to abruptly end the broadcast.

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Doja has only had one high-profile romance since she became famous, and that was with musician Jawny (formerly Johnny Utah). Soon after the release of his breakout single “Honeypie” in April 2019, he caught Doja’s eye. While she wasn’t a huge fan of the music, she did appreciate the way he looked.

During a September 2019 Instagram Live session, she revealed, “I found his music video for ‘Honeypie,’ and I didn’t like the song. However, your dancing was quite appealing to me. I don’t know.

That was your bottom half. The first thing that went across my mind was, “Oh, I like your jeans.” She messaged him on Instagram, and the two started dating and working together on Jawny’s song “Anything You Want.”

who is doja cat dating
who is doja cat dating

When Doja and Jawny decided to end their relationship in February 2020, she told her followers on Instagram Live. She reassured me that “everything is okay” by saying as much.

It’s fine now that I stopped following my ex-boyfriend. The two of us have been chill… There have been no strange or unexpected happenings. Things didn’t pan out, sorry to say.

It appears that they are on excellent terms. According to an interview with Elite Daily, Jawny explained that the choice to remove “Anything You Want” from his upcoming album For Abby had nothing to do with resentment.

When he and Doja broke up, they were both thinking, “I don’t think this feature makes sense…because we’re not dating anymore,” he said of Doja. So sad.

Doja and French Montana, who worked together on his tune “Handstand,” were sighted together on a yacht in the month of September 2020, sparking dating suspicions.

Doja tweeted, “I and French had a song coming out,” putting an end to the speculations within a day. “F*ck off and take it easy,” That settles it; the case is closed.

Page Six reported in January 2022 that the couple had been spotted in the Bahamas, fueling further speculation about their relationship.

Doja snuck into the comments area after French shared a photo of the two of them eating supper together on their vacation and wrote, “Love you, brother.” This relationship between them seems purely platonic at this point.

When British artist Bree Runway uploaded a series of v intimate photos and videos of herself and Doja on Instagram in July 2021 with the message, “You know I’m passionate about my WOMANNNN! To @dojacat, with all my heart, I say: “Love youuuuu” and “Best. night.
A few days later, Bree uploaded photos of her and Doja out to dinner with the caption, “My hot date @DojaCat,” along with a ring emoji.
Doja also announced his relationship with Bree via Twitter, writing, “I have a girlfriend and I’m going public @breerunway.” Um??
However, the two never confirmed or denied the rumors of a romantic relationship.

Doja has long been a fan of the Japanese singer and YouTuber Joji (remember when she sent him that thirsty tweet in 2015?? ), but it wasn’t until early 2022 that fans began to think that the two were truly dating.

The chain of events began in January when Doja tweeted “Joji wyd u doing” (???) in reference to Joji. Doja reportedly expressed admiration for Joji during a further IG Live broadcast the following month.
In a typical manner, though, Doja quickly put an end to the allegations via an Instagram Live broadcast. She denied dating Joji, but qualified her denial by saying, “Not that he’s not cute.”
Will the name of the man who called Doja “babe” during her Life ever be revealed? Probably not… Unless (unless!) he and Doja actually are the real deal, that is. Hold tight!

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