Nima Momeni Wife: Does Nima Momeni Have A Spouse?

Nima Momeni has been detained and held in custody by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office on murder allegations. Since April 2010, Momeni has been the proprietor of Expand IT, an information technology consulting firm.

According to his LinkedIn page, he had previously worked as a consultant and systems engineer for several San Francisco-based businesses, including Marfic and Coast Range Technologies.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Momeni resides in Emeryville, California, a Bay Area community near Oakland. This information is accurate and matches the address the police gave Mission Local.

The San Francisco Chronicle was told by one of Momeni’s Emeryville neighbors that he was “warm and welcoming” and that he had a pool table and technology equipment in an apartment on Harlan Street.

Nima Momeni Wife

Because Nima Momeni allegedly sold a switchblade, he was charged with a crime in Alameda County in 2011. In California, it is a misdemeanor felony to sell switchblades.

Along with the switchblade accusation, he was accused of operating a vehicle while his license was suspended. He entered a plea of not guilty to that charge.

The hours before Lee was killed, Momeni and Lee were seen driving together through downtown San Francisco, according to the police. The two allegedly got into a fight before the murder, according to the authorities.

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Police described the murder as “neither a robbery attempt nor a random attack.” Forbes has contacted the San Francisco Police Department for confirmation.

According to San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, who appeared at a press conference on Thursday, Momeni will be detained without bail and arraigned at 1:30 p.m. local time on Friday, April 14, 2023.

He is accused of murder with the addition of using a knife in the crime. Authorities are still looking into the circumstances surrounding the case.

Nima Momeni Wife: Does Nima Momeni Have A Spouse?

His wife’s identity is unknown. There is also no information on his relationship, which indicates that he has kept that aspect of his life hidden from the public.

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