Who is Novak Djokovic Wife? Meet The Lucky Lady Behind The Tennis Player!

Novak Djokovic is one of the top tennis players globally, and he’s really happy in his personal life too. His wife, Jelena Djokovic, is a big reason for his happiness. They’ve been together for 18 years, which shows how much they care for each other. Jelena is a businessperson and helps kids start school through the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Together with their two lovely children, Stefan and Tara, Jelena and Novak make a strong family. Novak is still the best at tennis, and the couple’s love, success, and loyalty to each other are great examples for all.

Novak Djokovic Wife

Novak Djokovic was born on May 22, 1987, in Belgrade, Serbia. He grew up with his two brothers. Novak started playing tennis when he was four years old. When he was six, a person named Jelena Geni noticed him and thought he had a lot of talent. For the next six years, Jelena Geni taught Novak how to play tennis.

After that, he went to Germany to train with someone named Nikola Pili. He trained there for four years and also played junior matches. Novak Djokovic, a famous tennis player, has been married to his wife Jelena Djokovic (she used to be called Jelena Ristic) for a long time.

Jelena has two children and works to help kids in Serbia who don’t have much. She still finds time to watch her husband play tennis and support him. After Novak won the 2023 French Open, Jelena posted pictures on Instagram to celebrate.

Jelena has shared her thoughts with you, and now you are able to see them for yourself: 


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She wrote “23” under a picture of Novak alone, and she also shared a cute photo of their family on the tennis court, all happy and smiling with their two children. In the next month, Jelena was seen at Wimbledon, cheering for her husband. She looked really happy when Novak won a match on Day 8 and moved on to the quarterfinals.

Who is Jelena Djokovic?

Jelena Djokovic is a lady from Serbia who does business and helps others. She was born in Belgrade in 1986. Jelena is now in charge of the Novak Djokovic Foundation (NDF) all over the world. She and her husband started this foundation to help kids have a good education when they were young.

Jelena takes care of the NDF’s Original Magazine, a website where people write articles. She went to school and has a Master’s degree in Luxury Goods and Services from a school in Monaco. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from a famous university in Milan.

Jelena likes to use social media and has a blog. On her blog, she shows pictures of herself, her husband Novak, and their family. A lot of people, around 646,000, follow her on Instagram. Her blog was last updated in 2020.

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When Did Jelena and Novak Got Married?

Jelena and Novak have been a couple for almost twenty years, starting from when they were young until now, even during the Olympics. They knew each other when they were in high school in Serbia, but they didn’t start being boyfriend and girlfriend until the middle of the 2000s. This year is their 18th anniversary together.

They first met when they were kids, but they only started dating a long time after Novak had become a professional tennis player. After being together for eight years, Novak and Jelena decided to get engaged in 2013. They had a small but fancy wedding at a beautiful place in Montenegro by the Adriatic Sea.

In 2014, just four days after Novak won the Wimbledon tennis tournament, they got married at a place called Aman Sveti Stefan.

Novak Djokovic Kids

Novak and Jelena have two kids named Stefan, who is eight years old, and Tara, who is five years old. When Jelena was going to have Stefan, she shared the news on social media. Jelena and her two kids took a picture outside a place called Sveti Stefan, and she wrote a nice message.

She said, “This is where Mommy and Daddy got married while Stefan was still in Mommy’s belly. And this island’s name is St. Stefan.” We don’t know yet if Novak’s kids will also play tennis like him, but if they do, they’ll get a special chance to learn from the very best.


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