Outer Banks Season 3 Cast: Who Has Joined the Netflix Hit?

For Season 3, The Pogues are back, but this time, the group is stuck and passing the time on a Caribbean island off the coast of the Bahamas. On the South Carolina Outer Banks, a small coastal hamlet is the setting for the Netflix original series Outer Banks, which centers on a gang of carefree, working-class teenagers from the Cut (also known as the bad side of the island), who enjoys partying and surfing all day.

The de facto leader of the organization, John B. Rutledge (Chase Stokes), has been struggling with his father’s abduction. He discovers hints of a treasure quest that sent Big John (Charles Halford) out to sea and never came back while going through his father’s stuff.

John B sets out to discover what precisely happened to Big John with a little assistance from his friends, including the stiff-upper Pope (Jonathan Daviss), hot-tempered JJ (Rudy Pankow), and hippie Kiara (Madison Bailey). Along the process, he develops feelings for Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), the daughter of Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), a Kook prince from Figure Eight who knows a lot more about Big John’s disappearance than he is willing to admit.

Outer Banks has gained popularity as a streaming sensation since its debut on Netflix. Following their respective premieres, both Season 1 and Season 2 remained at the top of the Netflix Top Ten list for weeks. Before the premiere of Season 3, the show received an early renewal for a fourth season.

Due to its appeal, people all around the world have developed an interest in both the exploits of John B. and his crew as well as the actors who play their favorite characters.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast
Outer Banks Season 3 Cast

Chase Stokes as John B. Rutledge

John B is considered the series’ primary character because he is the flamboyant and carefree leader of the Pogues. John B wears his heart on his sleeve almost to a fault, whether he’s running away with his star-crossed sweetheart Sarah Cameron or defending his pals.

Popular among his peers, John B has a laid-back appeal that draws in viewers, but it’s the friendship with his friends that has kept them interested in what occurs next. Chase Stokes, a hottie from Florida who portrays John B in the upcoming Netflix version of Scott Westerfield’s Uglies, co-stars with Joey King.

With newcomer Sydney Taylor, he will also play the major character in another YA version of the well-known Marked Men series.

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Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron

Sarah Cameron, the self-proclaimed Kook princess, and honorary Pogue follow her own path. She enjoys defying convention, even if it means going against her family, just like her boyfriend John B, and his pals. John B. is intrigued by her since, in contrast to the bulk of her Kook peers, she is kind and empathetic.

Kiara had an estranged friend named Sarah before she joined the Pogues. Fortunately, the girls were able to mend fences and stick by one another through the mayhem the treasure hunt brought upon them. In Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion, Madelyn Cline can be seen shining on screen as Whiskey beside a stellar cast that includes Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, and Kate Hudson.

Jonathan Daviss as Pope Heyward

Pope, the most intellectually motivated of the Pogues, is the brains behind the enterprise. His engagement with the Pogue’s treasure hunt throws a hitch in his plans to acquire a scholarship to leave the Cut, where he has lived all of his life.

His brief relationship with Kiara ended up being one-sided, but with the recent arrival of Cleo (Carlacia Grant), Pope’s love life may yet have some chance. Johnathan Daviss co-starred with Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke in the cheesy adolescent comedy Do Revenge on Netflix.

Rudy Pankow as JJ Maybank

JJ, who claims to come from a “long line of fishing, drinking, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water” is John B’s best buddy from boyhood. He’s a reckless loose cannon who loves to stir up trouble, even if it means upsetting a few Kooks in the process.

Due to his father’s maltreatment and unstable financial situation, JJ has a difficult upbringing and frequently turns to his friend Kie for comfort (who he may or may not have feelings for). Rudy Pankow has been in several treasure-hunting films alongside Tom Holland and Tom Holland’s Uncharted, so you won’t only find him around the Outer Banks.

Madison Bailey as Kiara “Kie” Carrera

Despite being the daughter of a prosperous restaurateur and residing in Figure Eight, Kie has made the unconventional decision to shun the Posh lifestyle in favor of carefree travels with the Pogues. She prioritizes her friendships with her fellow Pogues, much to the dismay of her parents.

She has a strong sense of empathy and, like Sarah, another former Kook enjoys advocating for those who are marginalized and live on the Cut. Kie is there for her friends whether they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on.

Kie is ultimately a ride-or-die buddy, despite the fact that the distinction between friendship and something more has occasionally been crossed, as seen in her brief connection with Pope. In the upcoming horror film Time Cut on Netflix, Madison Bailey will co-star with Antonia Gentry, who played Ginny in Ginny and Georgia. ​​​​​​​

Austin North as Topper Thornton

Sarah Cameron is dating Topper (Austin North) when we first meet her. Topper is a Kook who is also from an affluent background. Although Topper and Sarah may truly connect, Sarah is driven away by Topper’s resentment of John B. Topper is kind and gentle, but he gives in to peer pressure from his spoiled Kook buddies much too frequently.

Austin North starred on the Disney Channel program I Didn’t Do It before appearing on Outer Banks. He will next be seen with fellow Disney alum Dylan Sprouse in the film Beautiful Wedding. ​​​​​​​

Carlacia Grant as Cleo

The former cargo ship crewman turned Pogue, who John B and Sarah first encountered while fleeing in Season 2, formally joined the Pogues at the end of the season. Cleo, a more recent addition to the Pogues, is getting to know everyone, particularly Pope (who just might have caught her eye).

She has a penchant for blades and originally served Captain Terrence aboard his ship from Nassau, but she finally proved to be a great friend for the Pogues. Newcomer Carlacia Grant has previously appeared in brief roles on The Resident and Roots.

Charles Esten as Ward Cameron

Ward Cameron, the series’ antagonist, is a formidable opponent. Ward Cameron is ruthless and cunning, and he would do whatever it takes to steal the riches, including attempting to murder his own daughter Sarah as he did in Season 2.

Due to his immense wealth, he attempts to blame John B for the death of Sheriff Peterkin and is later identified as the person who abandoned Big John to drown at sea while searching for the treasure. Let’s hope karma comes for him and his son.

Charles Esten, who previously played the country singer-songwriter Deacon Claybourne on Nashville, portrays the father Cameron with chilling malice.

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Charles Harlford as Big John

John B.’s father, Big John, is an estranged figure. Big John is believed to be dead during the first two seasons, however, the Season 2 finale reveals that he is still alive and is being kept secret by Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Charles Harlford is most known for playing Earl in Steven Soderbergh’s southern heist comedy Logan Lucky and Chas Chandler in the brief but beloved NBC series Constantine.

Lou Ferrigno Jr as Ryan

Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen), who serves as the antagonist’s main henchman, employs Ryan as his top security guard. You guessed it: The Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno’s son, Lou Ferrigno Jr. Although he has previously appeared on television, he currently plays Sergeant Donovan Rocker on the CBS drama S.W.A.T.

He also followed in his father’s footsteps by portraying a superhero in a supporting role on the DC Comics series Stargirl as Hourman. n addition to these actors, Season 3 will also have appearances from Cullen Moss, Julia Antonelli, Caroline Arapoglou, E. Roger Mitchell, Deion Smith, Nicholas Cirillo, Gary Weeks, Marland Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Samantha Soule.

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