Patricia Arquette Says Fans Should Be Very Afraid of Severance Season 2!

Fans of “Severance” have Patricia Arquette to thank for a chilling warning. In the upcoming Season 2 of the Apple Original series, the Emmy-winning actress indicated that viewers should be “extremely afraid” of what’s in store for Lumon employees.

Arquette told Entertainment Tonight:

“Be scared, very scared,”

“No, I think these guys have been working really hard, and come up with a lot of really creative things. They have a whole world in their minds. They just let us in, piece by piece, into what’s going on, but I think it will be fun and beautiful.”

Arquette claimed that she knows “very little” about the second season, saying, “They don’t tell me anything, so I’m innocent.” And even though filming began in late 2022, there is still no word on when “Severance” will return to television. Arquette said:

“You’ll get it when you get it,”

 “And you won’t get upset.”

The former cast member of “Act” admitted that she is aware of fan speculations about what would happen to Mark (Adam Scott), Dylan (Zach Cherry), Helly (Britt Lower), and Irving (John Turturro) in the Ben Stiller-produced series.

Patricia Arquette Says Fans Should Be Very Afraid of Severance Season 2!
Patricia Arquette Says Fans Should Be Very Afraid of Severance Season 2!

The Lumon employees who chose to use experimental techniques to have a different work self are followed in “Severance.” Their supervisor, who Arquette portrays, exhibits signs of escalating mania as she fuses their separate personal and professional lives. Arquette said of fan theories behind the conspiracies of the show:

“I love reading everything, all their ideas, what they think’s going on,”

 “I mean, they’re for real.”

Gwendoline Christie, a star of “Game of Thrones” and “Wednesday,” joined the cast of “Severance” in April 2022, along with Alia Shawkat, Bob Balaban, and others. Arquette previously told IndieWire at the 2022 Gotham Awards that filming the sci-fi workplace series was “claustrophobic” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the links that we have provided below if you are interested in learning when more forthcoming episodes will be broadcasted:

Arquette said:

“It was a very strange thing,”

“And it was weird, we didn’t get to joke with the crew in the same way or hang out in that same way, so the show is very claustrophobic and the experience of filming it was very claustrophobic.”

Executive producer and director Stiller formerly revealed that he uses his family as a “focus group” for “Severance” plotlines. Stiller said:

“We have this ongoing debate about spoilers because I’m working now on the scripts and prepping the show,”

“And I will want to ask them questions and they’re like, ‘Well, don’t tell us.’ Do you want to know or not? So it’s like an ongoing debate.”

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