When is the Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date Coming Out?

Only season three of Murders in the Building has been officially confirmed, and the release date for the following installment is still pending. The second season introduced a freshly dead body into the lives of the Only Murders in the Building gang just as they believed they were safe.

However, who wants a quiet life when they have a successful podcast to run, especially in New York? In the season two finale, Mabel, Chris, and Oliver are among a sizable Broadway audience who witness Paul freaking Rudd (or Ben Glenroy in this reality) suddenly falls and passes away on stage.

However, everyone is aware that something is wrong. Who the devil is doing it and why is the question. It seems like only a team of nosy podcasters could crack this case. But will there be a season three, and when can we anticipate it?

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date
Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date

Here is all the information you require on Only Murders in the Building season 3.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Latest  News

If Selena Gomez isn’t already following you on Instagram, let us update you on some fascinating information. The celebrity confirmed the start of Season 3 filming in a video posted to her account. Gomez and her co-stars Martin Short and Steve Martin are shown sitting on a couch in the video.

The camera then goes to Andrea Martin, who plays Charles’ love interest Joy, then Paul Rudd, and finally Meryl Streep emerges from behind them. That is correct! Only Murders in the Building’s third season will feature the three-time Oscar-winning legend among the cast members.

Check back for more information as we don’t have any other information, such as the role she’ll be playing. Disney owns Hulu and verified that Season 3 would be available in 2023. Since the rollout schedule for the two seasons before was entirely consistent, we never had any reason to have any doubts, but it’s always lovely to hear that it won’t be too long!

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date

In July 2022, midway through Season 2, Hulu approved Season 3. That implies that in the near future, we can anticipate investigating more homicides and mysteries. However, no specific date for release has been announced.

Season 1 aired from August to October 2021, while Season 2 followed less than a year later, from June to August 2022, with fresh weekly episodes. We might be back investigating crimes at the Arconia in the summer of 2023 if things continue progressing at this rate.

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