Ray Stevenson Cause of Death Exposed: A Look Back at the Career of the Late Actor!

Learn about Ray Stevenson’s Passing and Impact. On May 21, 2023, British actor George Raymond Stevenson, known for King Arthur, Rome, and Marvel movies, passed away suddenly. Growing up in England, he attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Stevenson was remarkable, playing Frank Castle in Punisher: War Zone and voicing Star Wars Rebels.

Throughout his career, he excelled in various films and TV. Roles like Dagonet in King Arthur and Titus Pullo in Rome made him famous.

What is Ray Stevenson’s Cause of Death?

Stevenson passed away on May 21, 2023, which was four days before his 59th birthday. The reason for his death hasn’t been disclosed, but there are reports that he was in the hospital while filming Cassino in Ischia, an island in Italy. Some of Stevenson’s co-stars like Rosario Dawson, Scott Adkins, and James Purefoy paid their respects to him.

Dominic Purcell took over Stevenson’s part in Cassino in Ischia. Ahsoka’s first episode came out a little over three months after Stevenson’s death on August 22, 2023. This episode includes a special mention dedicated to him.

Curious about Ray Stevenson’s passing? The internet doesn’t have the details about his cause of death, as mentioned in a recent Twitter post. Check out more information below:

Who Was Ray Stevenson?

George Raymond Stevenson, born on May 25, 1964, and passed away on May 21, 2023, was an actor from Northern Ireland. He played roles in movies and TV shows. In the film King Arthur (2004), he was Dagonet, and in the TV series Rome (2005–2007), he acted as Titus Pullo.

He also acted as two characters from Marvel Comics: Frank Castle / The Punisher in Punisher: War Zone (2008) and The Super Hero Squad Show, and Volstagg in Marvel Cinematic Universe (2011–2017). He was in other movies like Kill the Irishman (2011) where he was mobster Danny Greene, The Three Musketeers (2011), and RRR (2022) where he played the villainous Governor Scott.

On TV, he played roles like Ukrainian mobster Isaak Sirko in the seventh season of Dexter, and Blackbeard in the third and fourth seasons of Black Sails. He also lent his voice to characters like Gar Saxon in Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

How Was Ray Stevenson’s Early Life?

George Raymond Stevenson was born on May 25, 1964, in Lisburn, which is in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. He was the second of three sons and his parents were a British father and an Irish mother. His dad was a pilot in the Royal Air Force. When he was eight years old, his family moved to England.

Ray Stevenson Cause of Death

First, they lived in Lemington, a place in Newcastle upon Tyne. After that, they settled in Seaton Delaval. He went to a college called Bath Lane, where he learned about design. Later, when he was 29 years old, he finished his studies at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

How Ray Stevenson Made His Successful Career?

Ray Stevenson began his career as an actor in movies with his first film called The Theory of Flight. He acted as a character named Gigolo in this movie, which came out in 1998. People really liked his performance in this movie, and he was praised by the audience for his work.

Ray became known in the movie industry for being in a film called King Arthur. In that movie from 2004, he played the role of a character named Dagonet. He also became famous for acting in Punisher: War Zone and The Super Hero Squad Show. He also did performances on stage, which helped him in his acting career.

After being in many movies and TV shows, he became well-known on television. He started on a show named A Woman’s Guide to Adultery in 1993, where he played a role as a Journalist. He was also in other TV shows like The Return of the Native, Some Life, Love in the 21st Century, and Peak Practice.

Ray is also recognized for his work in The Super Hero Squad Show in 2009. He has been in this industry for a long time and became successful in movies because of his famous roles. He even got nominated for an award called the Saturn Award for his great acting on TV.

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Ray Stevenson Personal Life

In 1997, George Stevenson got married to English actress Ruth Gemmell in London. They had met while working on a show called Band of Gold in 1995. They acted as a married couple again in Peak Practice in 1997.

But in 2005, after being married for eight years, they got divorced. Later, Stevenson had three sons with someone named Elisabetta Caraccia, who is an anthropologist from Italy.

On the death of Ray Stevenson, many people have paid tribute to him, as shown below:

What Was Ray Stevenson’s Net Worth on His Last Day?

The British actor named “Ray Stevenson” has a total amount of money, which is called a net worth, and it’s about $10 million. This information comes from different places on the internet like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, which are known for sharing this kind of information.

Ray Stevenson has been acting for a while and has been in many famous movies and TV shows. He became well-known for being in Punisher: War Zone and The Super Hero Squad Show. After that, he showed up on a lot of TV programs. People really liked the roles he played in movies.


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