Robin Arzon Age: Professional Life, Biography, Family, And More Information

Robin Arzon Age: The real name of the American runner, author, and social media influencer is Robin Amelia Arzón, however, she goes by the name Robin Arzon in the public eye. It was with the publication of her book, Shut Up and Run, that she gained widespread attention.

Arzon is well-known for his roles as both a fitness instructor and the Vice President of Fitness Programming at the popular fitness platform Peloton. More than that, she has amassed a massive following thanks to her incredible athleticism, vlogs, shorts, holidays, suggestions, and hilarious challenges.

In addition, Robin has amassed a large number of followers on both Instagram and TikTok. Her stunning and seductive photographs on Instagram have earned her tens of thousands of fans.

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Robin Arzon Age

According to her birth date, Robin Arzon is 40 years old (as of now, in 2022). The 20th of September, 1982 found her being born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. As a result, Robin’s friends, family, and extended relatives always make sure to commemorate the 20th of September, her actual birthday, with a party in her honor. Virgo is her star sign.

Robin Arzon’s Professional Life, Quotations, Cycling, and Literature

At the summer of 2002, while Arzón was still a college student, he was one of forty people held hostage in a wine bar in Manhattan’s East Village. Three persons were shot by a man who also doused them with kerosene, brandished a barbeque lighter, and threatened them with a samurai sword.

While using Arzon as human security to converse with the police, he grabbed her by the hair, held the pistol carefully, and avoided touching her head. The man was eventually subdued by police after being tackled by two customers.

This experience pushed Arzon to take up conducting for the first time. A year later, in 2003, she happened upon a flyer for a 10K race while at the bank on a Friday afternoon and decided on the spot that she would run in the race the following morning. Arzon’s first-ever competitive endeavor would be this 10K race. On a whim, she decided to find out how far 10 kilometers was in miles.

After the event, Arzon started fitting in a brisk two to three-mile run in between her law school lectures. Over the course of the next decade of her life, she fell in love with running, health, and wellness while dating a lawyer and began making plans for a career shift.

Since then, she’s completed more than 50 races, including 25 marathons, three 50-mile ultramarathons, and a 100-mile event. Robin completed her first full marathon at the 2010 New York City Marathon. In the documentary Run It Out, she previously completed five marathons in five days for MS Run the US in honor of her mother. In 2016, Robin finished the 100-mile Keys100 event (which begins in Key Largo and ends in Key West, Florida) in under 30 hours, making it her first 100-mile race.

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Robin Arzon Biography, Academic Accomplishments

U.S. citizen Robin Arzon entered the world on September 20, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born in the United States. Robin went to a local high school for her education. She received her bachelor of arts from New York University (NYU) magna cum laude (Latin honors). After working as a corporate litigator at Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP for seven years, Robin decided to attend law school in 2007 at Villanova University.

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Robin Arzon Spouse, Kids, and Marriage

Robin has tied the knot. Drew Butler became her husband. Punter and investment manager by trade, he earned All-American honors while playing college football for the University of Georgia. The two individuals initially crossed paths in 2016 at a speakeasy in the East Village of Manhattan.

After that, she and her internet suitor began corresponding and eventually began dating. After dating for three years, the happy couple tied the marriage in Tulum, Mexico in 2019. Their love of Burning Man inspired them to be married for four days and live like gypsies.

Robin Arzon Age
Robin Arzon Age

Athena Amelia Arzón-Butler, born on March 2, 2021, brought the couple’s happiness level up to an even higher level. Now, Robin and her family are a happy and contented unit consisting of a husband, a child, and other loved ones.

Robin Arzon Family

Robin Arzon was born to American parents, and she spent her childhood in the United States. Her Cuban refugee mother is a doctor who learned English on PBS, and her Puerto Rican father is an attorney and former law professor.

Robin’s father encouraged and inspired her to study law and become an attorney. As a kid, she was told that sports weren’t important and that her future should be spent focusing on school and her family instead.

But other information about her siblings, such as their names and occupations, remains hidden. Other than what has already been stated, we know nothing about Robin’s upbringing, ancestry, parents, siblings, or other family members.

Robin appears to be highly secretive, as she has not yet divulged any information about her ancestry or immediate family. We are currently looking into Robin’s family history and will let you know as soon as we find out anything new.

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How Much Does Robin Arzon Make?

How wealthy is the American writer who is also an Instagram sensation and social media influencer? Robin Arzon has been mum about the extent of her fortune and income. According to the data we gathered and the information she has made public on social media, her current wealth is somewhere around $1,000,000 USD.

Her authorship work, a self-titled YouTube channel, Instagram, and social media influencers all contribute to her financial well-being. Her career is flourishing right now, so she should see a boost in her wealth in the not-too-distant future.

Robin Arzon’s Physical Appearance

Robin Arzon is around 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 63 kilograms. Robin’s brown hair and dark eyes are a stunning combination. Her beautiful, voluptuous curves are undeniable. Robin, who regularly posts racy photographs and videos to her Instagram, is both beautiful and hot.

Frequently asked questions

Is Robin Arzon diabetic?

Robin Arzon, Peloton’s VP of fitness programming, ultramarathoner, best-selling author, mother, and type 1 diabetic, empowers others by “normalizing the everyday superhero.” She told us about her diabetes journey and how she manages her health as a fitness trainer.

What is on Robin Arzons arm?

Robin Arzón’s Omnipod on her arm may not be noticeable in her website and Instagram images unless you have type 1 diabetes. Robin decides. “I’m my brand,” she says.

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