Roman Reigns Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Did He Get Paid For A Match?

Roman Reigns Net Worth: American professional wrestler Leati Joseph ‘Joe’ Anoai, better known by his ring name, Roman Reigns, comes from the illustrious Anoai wrestling family.

A current member of “World Wrestling Entertainment,” he is most known for his appearances on “WWE Raw” and “Monday Night Raw” (WWE). Also, Leati played football professionally in Canada, beginning his career in college before moving on to the Canadian Football League (CFL) and retiring in 2008.

In 2010, he followed in his family’s footsteps and acquired a contract with “WWE” as a professional wrestler. In 2013, he made his roster debut with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as “The Shield,” In 2014, he became eligible to compete as a singles wrestler.

He has been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion three times and has once been crowned U.S. Champion. In 2014, he was the face of “WWE” but received much criticism. One publication, “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” even went so far as to label him “the most overrated wrestler.”

Although he started as an underdog, he has since amassed a respectable following base thanks to his successes. Wrestler Roman Reigns has appeared as a special guest on several TV shows. Countdown and Fast & Furious Present: Hobbs & Shaw are two of the American action flicks in which he has appeared as a cameo.

Roman Reigns Early Life

On May 25, 1985, Leati Joseph Anoai entered the world in Pensacola, Florida. Reigns’ parents and his brother were wrestlers, and he grew up in a family with Italian and Samoan ancestry.

There are several additional wrestlers in his family tree. He went on to study management at Georgia Tech after finishing high school. He played collegiate football for three years and earned defensive player of the year honors.

Roman Reigns Football Profession

The Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League drafted Roman in 2007 after he excelled as a collegiate football player. After being diagnosed with leukemia, his playing days were over, and the Vikings let him go.

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed him but released him before the 2007 season. However, he did play with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League for a single season, appearing in five games. After being cut from the Eskimos, he called it quit in 2008.

Roman Reigns Career in Wrestling

Roman Reigns Net Worth
Roman Reigns Net Worth

After signing with WWE in 2010, Roman debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling, the company’s developmental area. He first appeared in 2010, and after turning bad, he took the moniker Roman Reigns.

During the 2012 season, Roman debuted on the WWE main roster as a member of the tag team stable The Shield. At this moment, he was a hero who fought against wrongdoing.

For a variety of reasons, Reigns has become one of WWE’s most divisive characters. Fans weren’t always on board with claiming he was “one of the most valuable commodities in the WWE” when he debuted in 2012.

In 2014, Reigns’s limited moveset and allegations that the WWE rigged ballots in his favor led to widespread criticism. Even though the WWE’s audience didn’t like him, many of its fans thought he was being pushed too hard to become the face of the company in 2015.

In 2016, the WWE would air phony cheers as Roman entered the ring to drown out the boos. At this point, some retired wrestlers had publicly urged WWE to turn Reigns bad.

It was later alleged that after the broadcast had ended for the night, Reigns had turned on the fans and yelled viciously at them. Roman Reigns’ month-long suspension from WWE for breaking their wellness policy worsened things.

While the specifics of why Roman was suspended remain unknown, widespread speculation points to a drug infraction (marijuana, Adderal, or steroids, depending on who you ask).

Supporters’ lack of compassion toward Roman only grew over the years. Reigns received relentless boos at WrestleMania 33 before and after the main bout. Swear words and insults like “you suck” and “go away” were yelled at.

Even though WWE made a valiant effort to direct the microphones onto the live audience, the comments were still audible. WWE’s attempt to sell this as fans of Roman Reigns cheering for him was laughable.

After Reigns was diagnosed with Leukemia for the second time after 11 years of good health, the fans began to show more compassion for him. However, the applause was still uncommon. The gathering cheered enthusiastically as he shared the news that his leukemia had gone into remission.

By 2020, Reigns’s negative reputation had grown so much that WWE recast him as “The Tribal Chief.” There has been a far more favorable response from audiences to this character. But the booing from the crowd never stopped.

Roman Reigns Relationships

When Roman Reigns and Galina Joelle Becker were both students at Georgia Tech, they quickly became close friends and eventually married in 2014. The couple eventually expanded their family to include five children, four of whom were sets of identical twins.

Roman Reigns Problems With Health Care

Roman Reigns battled leukemia throughout his childhood, which he was diagnosed with twice. On top of that, he had surgery to fix his broken nose when he was injured during a match against Sheamus.

Roman Reigns Net Worth

Roman Reigns is a professional United States wrestler with a net worth of $12 million. Wrestler Roman Reigns is more well-known than his previous career as a professional football player.

Under his ring moniker, “Roman Reigns,” he performs for WWE’s SmackDown brand. Roman attended Georgia Tech after graduating from high school and played for the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars in the National Football League for a combined total of two seasons. After playing for the Edmonton Eskimos for a single season in the Canadian Football League, he called it quits.

Reigns had significantly greater success in the WWE than he did in football. He’s won three WWE titles overall, including the Universal Championship twice.

Other successes include the 2015 Royal Rumble victory and the holding of one WWE Intercontinental Championship and one WWE Tag Team Championship. Moreover, in 2014, he was honored as the year’s Superstar of the Year.

Although Roman is often regarded as a top-tier wrestler, he does not always enjoy the most incredible fan support. Reigns were introduced as the company’s new public face for six years ending in 2020. ]

Fans and critics, however, lashed back against this with significant venom. Fans responded positively to Roman Reigns’ transformation into the antagonist he ultimately became.

Roman Reigns Sips the Triple H Kool-Aid

Roman Reigns Sips the Triple H Kool-Aid
Roman Reigns Sips the Triple H Kool-Aid

Now that Vince McMahon has left WWE, Triple H oversees all creative operations for the main roster. The quality of WWE’s television shows has increased dramatically, and many fans have started to believe the hype surrounding Triple H.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is a fan of Triple H’s management style among the WWE roster. During an interview on The Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, reigns admitted that Triple H is the biggest babyface in wrestling. By way of F4WOnline’s transcription, this is what Roman had to say about The Game:

To round out the interview, I questioned Roman about the decreased work schedule he secured in the new contract he signed with WWE earlier this year.

After ten years of traveling the country, Roman stated it was time for him to stop doing so permanently. As a father of five, he realizes the importance of being present at home during his kids’ formative years.

Reigns have stated that he will perform at the main WWE PPV events but will not be available for the lesser events between the main events.

Even though Money in the Bank 2022 was moved to a lesser stadium, Reigns confirmed that he was still withdrawn from the event. He explained that the plan was for him to compete in the major shows. Hence he was no longer needed for that particular program.

As a whole, Reigns is pleased with his reduced workload, and he has even said that his sparse WWE appearances only add to his allure. Triple H seems to be one of the top babyfaces in pro wrestling right now; do you agree, Cagesiders?


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