Ferris Wheel Climber Sparks Panic at Santa Monica Pier Accident

A guy who claimed to carry a bomb mounted the famous Ferris wheel on Monday afternoon, prompting the Santa Monica Police Department to close Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. Around 3 p.m., witnesses heard the man allegedly make remarks about having a bomb in his possession.

The man eventually climbed the well-known Ferris wheel and wouldn’t leave. In an effort to persuade the individual to give himself up, a crisis negotiation team was dispatched to the area. After conversing with the man for almost an hour, he started to make his way down the building, where he was swiftly detained by police just before 4:30 p.m.

The man was observed carrying a rucksack during the event, but it appears that cops were unconcerned about the prospect that he might have been carrying explosives. Later, the police confirmed that he did not contain any explosives.

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The individual appeared to be experiencing some mental health crisis, according to the police, who informed KTLA that they don’t currently believe a crime has been committed. Officers could be seen moving people out of Pacific Park and cutting up the entrance to the pier in a video from Sky5.

Santa Monica Pier Accident

Multiple passengers who were stuck on the Ferris wheel could be seen being reached by firefighters using a lift, but it didn’t appear that any were taken off the attraction. Instead, they waited for the issue to go away on its own before turning the Ferris wheel so that passengers could exit.

Officials claimed they were worried for the man’s safety while he was holding onto the Ferris wheel, so they were unable to start it. The Ferris wheel began rolling once more at 4:30 p.m., not long after the man turned himself up, and firefighters started removing passengers from it.

No reports of injuries have been made as of yet. Police continued to warn people to stay away from the pier and announced that more details would be made public later in the evening. Here is a Twitter post given below:

At 5:15 in the evening, the Santa Monica Pier reopened to the public. According to a statement from Pacific Park, park staff members were cooperating closely with the first responders and were appreciative of their prompt action.

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