Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth 2022: How The ‘Hocus Pocus’ Star Made Her Millions?

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth: American actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker is well-known. She became famous for playing Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV show “Sex and the City.” Out of fifty nominations, the six-year HBO run of the program garnered enormous international acclaim and seven Emmy Awards.

Parker received two Emmy awards for her work on the show, each in a different category. In the TV show’s follow-up movie, “Sex and the City,” she played the same character again. Commercially, it was a big success.

The movie was followed by another sequel, “Sex and the City 2,” which also did well financially. She has additionally appeared in several other films throughout her acting career, including “Honeymoon in Vegas,” “Failure to Launch,” “Escape from Planet Earth,” and “All Roads Lead to Rome.”

Her part in the HBO television series “Divorce,” which has been running for two seasons, is among Parker’s most recent television appearances. In addition to performing, she has developed several of her own companies, including the fragrance “Lovely” and the SJP Collection of shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker Early Life

On March 25, 1965, Sarah Jessica Parker was conceived. Stephen Parker, her father, was a businessman and journalist. Additionally, Barbara Keck, her mother, ran a nursery school in addition to being a teacher.

Parker’s parents split when she was three years old, and her mother later remarried. Her mother modeled a New York City lifestyle even though the family was based in Cincinnati. Parker was one of eight children. Thus, the family struggled to make ends meet.

Parker claims that she wouldn’t alter anything, despite the difficulties. Parker exhibited a liking for performing at a young age. Parker became interested in the arts due to her mother taking her and her siblings to various plays.

She would eventually undergo professional training in ballet and music, which helped her land a role in The Innocents, a Broadway production, in 1976. Her mother and stepfather moved the family to New York City to receive better instruction.

Parker also attended the New York Professional Children’s School and the School of American Ballet while in New York. She would attend Hollywood High School after relocating to Los Angeles.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Personal Life

Matthew Broderick, an actor, and Sarah Jessica Parker have been wed for over 25 years. James Wilkie, their oldest child, was born in 2002. Additionally, in 2009, they received twin girls, Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell.

Before marrying Broderick, Parker was rumored to have dated Robert Downey Jr. They spent seven years together. Also, check our trending articles David Blaine Net Worth and James Earl Jones Net Worth.

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth
Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Sarah Jessica Parker Career

Acting Career

Parker began making appearances in motion pictures in the middle of the 1980s, long before she was one of Hollywood’s most well-known stars, thanks to her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw. In 1984, she landed the role of Rusty in Footloose.

From 1985’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun to 1986’s Flight of the Navigator, several projects would be released over the following few years. Parker appeared in L.A. Story in 1991 alongside Steve Martin and Victoria Tennant.

Then, in 1992, she co-starred with Nicolas Cage in Honeymoon in Vegas, a film that cost $25 million to produce but brought in $35 million worldwide. Disney’s Hocus Pocus, which would become a Halloween cult favorite, cast Parker in 1993.

The movie had a $28 million budget but made $45 million worldwide. Fans’ devotion to the film nearly 30 years later was so great that Hocus Pocus 2, which just recently debuted on Disney+, was created.

Following his role in the first Hocus Pocus movie from Disney, Parker went on to star in several other films in the mid-to-late 1990s, such as Ed Wood, The First Wives Club, and Mars Attacks! The 1996 movie First Wives Club is ranked third among Parker’s highest-grossing pictures.

On a $26 million budget, it earned $181 million globally. A future TV series deal with HBO would have a much more significant impact on Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth than any of these other endeavors, even though they all increased her wealth.

Sex and the City Series

HBO premiered Sex and the City on June 6, 1998. It would have 94 episodes over its six-season existence. In addition, it would be inspired by 2001’s And Just Like That, a reboot of the series. Millions of women found Parker’s portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw to be empathetic and motivating, contributing to the show’s enormous popularity.

For its time, the Darren Star-produced series was seen as revolutionary. Its female characters were sexual, autonomous, and motivated by their careers. They didn’t match the stereotype of a lady who merely wanted to get married and start a family. Sadly, it wasn’t in 1998, even though it seems like a ridiculous topic of debate in 2022.

The Sex And The City Movies

When a reunion film for SATC was released in 2008, its devoted fan base was elated. On a $65 million budget, the Sex and the City movie brought in $418 million worldwide. A sequel was made in 2010 as a result of the movie’s success. However, it didn’t do as well.

On a $100 million budget, Sex and the City 2 grossed just over $290 million. Parker made $15 million for his first movie, and for his second, he made $20 million. Her pay for the project was substantially higher than that of her co-stars, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, who was reportedly paid only $3 million each.

The Revival: And Just Like That

HBO Max will debut the new season of the television show And Just Like That on December 9, 2021. All of the principal cast members—aside from Kim Cattrall—returned. For the 10-episode first season of the show, Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis received more than $1 million each episode.

In addition, they were all given executive producer credentials. And a second show season had already been approved as of March 2022. The new season’s premiere date has not yet been set. However, showrunner Michael Patrick King has stated that he hopes to return in the summer of 2023.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Net Worth

Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth is projected to reach $200 million as of 2022. That number will only increase with all the projects Parker has lined up, both in front of and behind the camera. Parker’s next appearance will be in And Just Like. That’s the second season.

In addition, she is working on four other projects, including the TV movie Busted, which is in various phases of development. The Estate, a new film starring Toni Collette, Anna Fris, and David Duchovny, is another project she’s involved with as a producer. Post-production on the project is now underway.

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