Shanquella Robinson Net Worth 2022: How Did Robinson Die?

Shanquella Robinson Net Worth: Popular American businesswoman, social media personality, and model Shanquella Robinson. She was well-known among the users of her social media accounts for running the baby business Exquisite Babie.

Before she passed away, she had a strong reputation throughout all of America thanks to her brand, and she was enjoying her life. But unhappily, this young woman unexpectedly passed away while she was present in a hotel in Cabo, Mexico, where she had travelled to mark her friend’s birthday and enjoy a holiday.

Robinson Shanquella passed away on November 11, 2022. She was killed; she didn’t pass away naturally. Numerous individuals were named in the media as her killers after her murder. All identities belonged to her buddy, who is said to have killed her.

Shanquella Robinson Early Life

People have inquired about Shanquella Robinson’s life story since she was murdered. She was a stunning young woman from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was only 25 years old when she passed away, just so you know. She never provided a precise date of birth.

However, what we did learn about her was that she graduated from West Charlotte High School in 2015. She subsequently started her undergraduate studies, which will end in 2019, at Winston-Salem State University.

Shanquella Robinson’s Personal Life

Since Shanquella Robinson is no longer alive, not much information about her partner and romantic relationships can be found online. She was young and attractive, nevertheless, and her sassy physical features always drew boys to her charms. Even though she may have been seeing someone, she never made her boyfriend public.

Shanquella Robinson Career

Shanquella Robinson gained notoriety on Instagram for managing the handle @its.quella_. Her Instagram account had 46.5k followers at the time. She previously participated in picture shoots in Miami, Las Vegas, and Jamaica as a model.

Shanquella Robinson Net Worth
Shanquella Robinson Net Worth

But she focused more on her clothes business than her modelling career. She was the owner of both women’s and children’s apparel brands. Under the moniker “The Exquisite Boutique,” she used to sell women’s clothing.

Exquisite Babies is the name of the children’s apparel line she uses to market to children from one to twelve years of age. She was making a good living off of her business and modelling work. But regrettably, she died in Mexico, putting an end to her existence.

How Did Shanquella Robinson Die?

A 25-year-old woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, passed away last month while travelling to Mexico with friends, but after a video emerged showing her being battered, her family is now demanding justice and the truth about how she died.

On October 29, while on vacation in San José del Cabo with friends, Shanquella Robinson, who owned a well-known hair braiding salon and an internet store, was discovered dead in her hotel room. Authorities in the area confirmed on Wednesday that they are still looking into her death.

The FBI office in Charlotte acknowledged to BuzzFeed News that it had spoken with Robinson’s family and is aware of the YouTube video in question. According to Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, her daughter’s friends initially claimed that she had died of alcohol poisoning.

“I talked to her on Friday night. I last spoke to her while she was eating dinner, according to Robinson’s mother, who spoke to WBTV. “On Saturday night, they called and said they were going to contact a doctor since she wasn’t feeling well.

The doctor hadn’t yet arrived when they called, but they nevertheless reported that she had alcohol poisoning. However, the death certificate states that Shanquella Robinson’s atlas luxation and serious spinal cord injury were to blame for her passing.

She wasn’t feeling well, they claimed. She was poisoned by booze, her mother told WJZY. They were unable to find a pulse. Everyone who was with her at the time told her various tales. Prosecutors in Baja California Sur declared on Wednesday that they are still gathering information and looking into the circumstances surrounding the death at the beach club property.

A video that appeared to show Robinson getting thrashed in a hotel room recently came to light. Robinson is repeatedly struck in the head by another person before being knocked to the ground. You can hear the person recording the video asking, “Can you at least fight back?” Social media users quickly demanded justice for the 25-year-old lady.

Shanquella Robinson’s Net Worth

With her substantial revenues from the firm, Shanquella Robinson seemed to have been leading a good, opulent life. Her photographs give the impression that she enjoyed splurging on opulent goods. When she passed away, her net worth would be about USD 550,000.

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