How Much Is Smokey Robinson Net Worth In 2022? How Many Records Did Robinson Sell?

Smokey Robinson Net Worth: American singer-songwriter and record producer William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. enjoyed enormous success both as a solo performer and as a member of the band The Miracles.

He has established an unrivalled reputation for himself throughout a distinguished career spanning more than six decades. He was a Motor City native who, at a young age, became deeply interested in music.

He formed his first band, the Five Chimes, a doo-wop outfit. Before landing on The Miracles’, they cycled through several other names throughout the following few years.

They agreed to a recording contract with Tamla Records in 1959; Tamla Records would later become Motown. As one of its first customers, the trio helped to establish the label as a household name, and Robinson wrote several top hits for Motown’s other artists as well.

The Miracles officially changed their name to Smokey Robinson & the Miracles in 1965. He left the industry in 1972 and came back as a solo performer the following year. Despite his first failure, Robinson quickly regained his audience.

He departed the label in 1990 after Motown Records was sold, and he has subsequently worked for various musical labels, such as Universal and Verve. In an interview from 2012, Robinson discussed how he acquired the moniker “Smokey,” and said his favourite uncle and godfather had first used it.

Smokey Robinson Early Life

William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. was born to Flossie and William Robinson in Detroit, Michigan, on February 19, 1940. His mother was of French and African American ancestry, while his father was of African American ancestry. Geraldine Burston and Rose Ella Jones are his two sisters.

His parents didn’t have much money, but they nonetheless helped their son, who was not only an above-average student but also athletically gifted, in his varied endeavours. His studies at Northern High School were where he initially showed signs of musical ability.

In the future, he applied to a college to study electrical engineering but left after two months to pursue a career in music. Together with Pete Moore from his class and his boyhood buddy Ronald White, he founded the Five Chimes, a doo-wop group.

The name of the band was changed to The Matadors in 1957. In the same year, Bobby Rogers joined the group. Soon after, Claudette, a relative of Bobby, was added, and guitarist Marv Tarplin joined in 1958. They started out playing in various Detroit venues before changing their name to The Miracles.

Smokey Robinson’s Personal Life

Smokey Robinson has had two marriages. On November 7, 1959, he married Claudette Rogers, a Miracles member who was also his first wife. They were eager to have children, but Rogers had seven miscarriages due to the demanding touring schedule.

Their son Berry Robinson was born in 1968. Rogers gave birth to their daughter Tamla Robinson a year later. His first marriage, which lasted 27 years, was rocky. After Robinson had an extramarital affair in 1974, which later inspired the song “The Agony & the Ecstasy,” they briefly split up.

In the course of Robinson’s marriage to Rogers, a different woman gave birth to his third child, a son named Trey, in 1984. When this was discovered, Robinson admitted his mistake and asked for Rogers’ legal separation. In 1986, their divorce was finally finalized.

In May 2002, he wed Frances Gladney, his second wife. He stopped eating red meat in 1972. He follows a method of meditation called transcendentalism.

Smokey Robinson Career

Initially, the Miracles were turned down by several record labels, including Brunswick Records. Songwriter Berry Gordy, who would grow to be Robinson’s closest friend, was first introduced to Robinson and the other members of the group in August 1957.

He immediately won Gordy over with his singing and poetry. End Records released “Got a Job,” the debut single by The Miracles. The Miracles were one of the first acts to sign with Tamla Records, which Gordy founded in 1959.

Smokey Robinson Net Worth
Smokey Robinson’s Net Worth

Their debut track, “Shop Around,” became a hit in 1960. Over a million copies were eventually sold after it peaked at number one on the Billboard R&B chart. Eight studio albums would be released by the group as the Miracles, with ‘Hi… We’re The Miracles (1961) served as their debut.

They released 12 additional albums after changing their name to Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. The songs “You’ve Got a Hold on Me,” “Mickey’s Monkey,” “I Second That Emotion,” “Baby Baby Don’t Cry,” and “The Tears of a Clown” were written by Robinson.

Robinson also wrote songs for other artists when he was with Motown. These songs and groups include Brenda Holloway, Mary Wells, and the Temptations. They include “You Beat Me to the Punch,” “My Guy,” “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” “My Girl,” “Since I Lost My Baby,” “Get Ready,” “When I’m Gone,” and “Operator.”

By 1969, Robinson was already considering leaving the business. He retired after the publication of the Miracles’ final album, “Flying High Together,” to assist Rogers in raising their two children.

He and the band gave their final performance together in Washington, D.C. in 1972. On March 20, 2009—nearly 37 years later—the ensemble was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 1973, he resumed his musical career and issued his debut solo record, “Smokey,” which featured the Miracles tribute songs “Sweet Harmony” and “Baby Come Close.” ‘Pure Smokey’ was released a year later.

Robinson’s chances of becoming a successful solo artist were questioned as a result of the album’s failure. In addition, he had been vice president of Motown at the time, and he spent a lot of time working on it.

His songwriting diminished as a result. He repeatedly refuted his critics in the years that followed. He departed Motown in 1990 after the record company was acquired by MCA. In the 1990s, he only released one album, 1991’s “Double Good Everything.”

Since then, he has put out “Food for the Soul” in 2004, “Timeless Love” in 2006, “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” in 2009, “Now And Then” in 2010, and “Smokey & Friends” in 2014. 2017 saw the release of his most recent album, “Christmas every day.”

How Many Records Did Robinson Sell?

Over 1,716,000 records by Snokey Robinson were sold, including 1,496,000 in the US and 220,000 in the UK. Smokey Robinson’s best-selling album, ONE HEARTBEAT, with over 500,000 copies sold.

Smokey Robinson’s Net Worth

American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, producer, and former record executive Smokey Robinson have a $150 million net worth. Robinson is credited with creating the distinctive Motown sound, which rose to fame from the 1950s through the 1970s.

The Miracles, a vocal group that enjoyed enormous popularity during the Motown era, included Smokey as a crucial member. Robinson developed a prosperous solo career after leaving this trio. He served as Motown Records’ vice president in addition. Smokey Robinson received his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1987.

Actual Property

Robinson received $2.3 million for the sale of his Los Angeles property in Encino in 2002. The 10,600 square feet of living area in this opulent mansion, which was built in 1912, include an 800-square-foot private terrace.

On 1.5 acres of land, the house has opulent gardens designed in the English style. In 2017, the famous house changed hands once more, this time selling for $8.3 million. Smokey reportedly listed a second California property for $7.99 million in 2014.

This second home is situated in the upscale Chatsworth district of Los Angeles, which is home to numerous other famous people. A separate, 2,000-square-foot guest house is part of the 9,075-square-foot property.

Smokey first put the house up for sale in 2005 for $10.5 million, but after having trouble finding a buyer, he put it back on the market in 2007 for $10 million. The $7.99 million figure in 2014 implies a much reduced ultimate price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Smokey Robinson?

He is 82 years old.

How tall is Smokey Robinson?

1.82 m

Why does Smokey Robinson have blue eyes?

William “Smokey” Robinson, who was born to African American parents on February 19, 1940 in Detroit, had fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. William inherited the green-blue eyes of his great-grandmother, a white Frenchwoman.

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