Southern California Could Have 3 Days Of Rain, And Snow!

Southern California Could Have 3 Days Of Rain, And Snow: The arrival of a winter storm will bring rain, snow in the mountains, and blustery winds to Southern California through Wednesday.

According to the National Weather Service, some light rain was likely after midnight on Sunday, and most of Los Angeles and Orange County would receive significant rainfall by Monday morning, which will last all day on Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday, there will likely be fewer showers, but they will still be sporadic. According to the Los Angeles office of the NWS, the total amount of rain might be more than 4 inches. For the second half of the week, a tendency toward drying is anticipated.

At elevations of 6,500 to 7,000 feet, where snow accumulation was expected to occur Monday night, forecasts anticipated 6 to 12 inches of snow, with local accumulations of up to 20 inches.

In the mountains and high desert, wind gusts of 40 mph are anticipated Sunday night and Monday, peaking at 55 mph Tuesday. You may also check As the weekend’s storms subside, restrictions are lifted.

Southern California Could Have 3 Days Of Rain, And Snow!
Southern California Could Have 3 Days Of Rain And Snow!

The weather agency warned drivers to be ready for “slick roads and snowy travel in the mountains” on Tuesday night, as well as “possible challenges along the Grapevine.” The days and nights will be colder due to the rainy weather.

In the valleys and the downtown Los Angeles area, daytime highs are predicted to fall into the low 60s from Monday through Wednesday, with lows in the 50s on those days and in the lower 40s on those Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Pasadena, Santa Clarita, and Lancaster are only forecast to see highs of 58 and 53 on Wednesday. Later this week, the Antelope Valley will experience nightly lows below freezing, with forecasts for 33, 30, and 31 degrees from Wednesday through Friday.

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