Texas Gulf Coast Struggles to Cope with Influx of Deαd Fish!

Shocking photographs indicate that thousands of deαd fish washed up on a beach along the Texas gulf coast this week, covering the shore with foul carcasses.

Several miles down the coast from Quintana Beach County Park in Brazoria County, the swarm of rotting Menhaden fish was discovered on Friday at Bryan Beach, close to the entrance of the Brazos River,  stated by local authorities.

Warm water, which cannot contain as much oxygen as cold water, spurred the mass ki!!, “caused by a low dissolved oxygen event,” a statement from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Ki!!s and Spills Team and park officials.

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In a Facebook post, park officials stated, “When water temperature rises above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes hard for menhaden to receive enough oxygen to survive.”  “Shallow waters warm more quickly than deeper, so if a school of menhaden are trapped in the shallows as the water begins to heat, the fish will start to suffer from hypoxia.”

By officials, oxygen-deprived fish panic and behave erratically, further reducing oxygen levels. The Ki!!s and Spills Team reports that fish ki!!s like this are frequent during the summer when temperatures rise.

Texas Gulf Coast Struggles to Cope with Influx of Dead Fish

Officials, recent gloomy skies, which prevent microscopic phytoplankton or macroalgae from photosynthesis, and calm waters formed the “perfect storm to deplete the oxygen.”

“Often before a ki!! event occurs, fish can be seen trying to get oxygen by gulping at the surface of the water early in the morning,” officials said. “Some fish may also be lying on the bottom or at the edge of the water.”

The last deαd fish that washed up on the shore on Saturday and Sunday had “deteriorated to the point of being shredded skeletons,” to park officials.

On the beach on Saturday and Sunday, park personnel used machinery to remove the decaying debris. Any deαd fish left behind will likely be organically buried in the sand and seas during the next few days.

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